Star Fox 64 3DS Lylat System (2011)

The Lylat Map in "Star Fox 64 3D".

Score Attack is a replay game mode introduced in Star Fox 64 3D which both enables replay of missions without having to beat the whole game on one go and includes three high scoring medal achievements. Every level starts out with the default supplies of smart bombs, shield gauge and laser settings; making the main game's strategy of continuous survival and vehicles prime condition from one level to the next impossible.

Game Format Modes

The three types of gameplay styles are the regular controlled Nintendo 64 mode, Expert Mode and Nintendo 3DS mode using the gyro controls. The HIT total remains the same for every mission whatever the game mode. Levels that follow are only available after they have previously been played through in the gameplay mode, but Corneria is always available as the default level.

Level Requirements

Level Bronze Silver Gold
Corneria 100 150 190
Meteo 180 200 300
Sector Y 100 150 180
Katina 90 150 190
Fichina 40 50 90
Aquas 100 150 160
Solar 50 100 110
Sector X 100 150 230
Zoness 150 250 290
Titania 80 150 180
Sector Z 60 100 110
Macbeth 100 150 180
Area 6 180 300 400
Bolse 120 150 190
Venom  120 150 180
Venom II 120 200 220

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  • Earning the 45 Main Game medals from the N64, 3DS, and Expert modes, will unlock the alternate title screen.
  • The Silver Medal requirements are the same as the regular game's mission requirements.
  • Star Wolf will appear at Bolse which is likely in order to make it easier to reach Gold Medal requirements.
  • Katt and Bill won't appear in levels that they would follow Star Fox over to, likely in order to make it easier for reaching Gold Medal requirements on levels such as Sector Z, where Katt would shoot down a Copperhead missile and deny the 10 bonus Hits for it.
  • Unlike in the main story mode, you do not have to keep your teammates alive in order to achieve a medal.
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