Here you are my boy. This is a Scarab bag. By collecting Scarabs, you'll be able to buy many useful items.

Scarab Bags are items found by Fox McCloud on Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. They increase the amount of Scarabs Fox is able to hold. Before getting one, Fox can only carry up to 10 Scarabs at a time.


Small Scarab Bag

Enables Fox to hold up to 50 Scarabs at a time. Obtained from a SnowHorn in Ice Mountain after feeding him an Alpine Root. This area is also the place Tricky learns the Call/Heel Command. Fox can then buy more expensive items including the FireFly Lantern and his Hi-Def Display Device.

Medium Scarab Bag

Allows Fox to carry a maximum of 100 Scarabs at a time. Fox receives this from the Warp Stone. Collecting this bag will enable Fox and Tricky to pay into the strange Scarab Toll so that they may enter CapeClaw.

Large Scarab Bag

Fox can have as many as 200 Scarabs at a time. This was given to Fox by one of ThornTail tribe after he saved them from attacks (ironically as Fox was at the time complaining about not being paid well enough for his heroic deeds). This will allow Fox to pay for the SnowHorn Artifact in the ThornTail Store.

Scarab Bags

At certain points (don't worry-you can't miss them) friendly characters give you Scarab Bags of various sizes. The first holds 50, the medium Scarab Bag holds 100, and the large Scarab Bag carries a hefty 200. It's kind of like getting a bigger wallet. Since some of the items in ThornTail Store are very expensive, you must wait until you have a big enough Scarab Bag before you can buy them.
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