General Pepper here. I have a new mission for you, Fox. You are approaching Dinosaur Planet, an ancient world on the edge of the Lylat system. As you will see, chunks of the planet have been torn from its surface. It's your job to get them back! If Dinosaur Planet explodes, it could affect the entire Lylat system. The only lead we have is that you must locate the Queen of the the EarthWalker dinosaur tribe. Maybe she can help you further. By the way, your fee has been approved. If you are successful, then the money will be forwarded to you immediately. Pepper out.
General Pepper

Sauria, formerly known as Dinosaur Planet, is a large Earth-like planet inhabited by multiple tribes of many dinosaurs. The climate is as varied as that of Corneria and Earth, with lush green forests, traversable volcanoes, snowy mountains and purple dusted mountains. The native language of this planet is known as Dino, but those that are gifted in telepathy or possess translator devices will understand the language with ease. A number of different locations on the planet include places like Krazoa Palace, Walled City, ThornTail Hollow and CloudRunner Fortress. The planet has two ruling tribes which are the EarthWalkers and the CloudRunners, but they "do not see eye to eye", as stated by the Queen CloudRunner.


Millions of years before the Plight of Sauria, the planet's second moon came crashing onto the surface of the area that became Moon Mountain Pass, resulting in the appearances of many new species including a mutant race called the SharpClaw.

The ancient beings referred to as the Krazoa, created four SpellStones, full of dark matter that would absorb the energy of the planet and hold it together, as it was not capable of holding together on its own like most planets, suggesting that the planet itself might be artificially created or that it went through a catastrophe in its past. Two Force Point Temples were built to keep the SpellStones, two SpellStones of water being kept in the Ocean and the two fire SpellStones were kept in the Volcano.

Eight years after the Lylat Wars, the infamous dictator General Scales and his SharpClaw Tribe led a large global attack to obtain dominance over the native dinosaurs after frequently being defeated and denied leadership over the many different tribes. Due to an anonymous guidance, General Scales succeeded in his quest to rule to world after he invaded the two Force Point Temples and removed the SpellStones, then sought out the GateKeepers of the sacred lands and forced them to allow him to take the Stones back into the sacred lands which forged them, resulting in the planet was torn apart by this, in order to force the Tribes into accepting his rule. Scales succeeded in his conquest after he enslaved the SnowHorn Tribe, conquered the CloudRunner Fortress as his planetary base, massacred the EarthWalker army at the Krazoa Palace and imprisoned the King EarthWalker and foiled a Dinosaur rebellion led by a ThornTail.

Amidst the flames of the civil war, a vixen named Krystal arrived on Dinosaur Planet while investigating the deaths of her parents and her planet's destruction, believing she was drawing closer to the truth. Her tracks led to an encounter with General Scales, arriving at Krazoa Palace and starting a quest to return the lost Krazoa Spirits back into the palace, but she was unable to finish the quest due to her capture by an unseen entity.

But luckily, the ongoing state of Dinosaur Planet attracted the attention of the Cornerian Federation, leading to General Pepper having to hire the Star Fox team to investigate and rescue the planet from its separation as any apparent explosion would have consequences on the entire Lylat System. Fox McCloud flew to the surface in a worn out Arwing and journeyed on an expedition to save the world by returning the SpellStones to their temples, with help from the EarthWalker's crown prince Tricky. Fox also continued the quest to return the Krazoa Spirits to the Palace after being informed by a Krazoa that Krystal was depending on him for her life.

However, while the planet did stop cracking apart as a result of the SpellStones being placed within the temples, it did not cause the pieces of the planet to return to the main body, due to the need of the Krazoa Spirits to fix the planet. The crisis was completely averted and the planet completely restored after Fox managed to restore the Krazoa Spirits to the temple, as well as defeating Andross, the true cause of the planetary catastrophe.

A year after the civil war, Dinosaur Planet (now renamed Sauria) was attacked by the Aparoid race, as the immense planetary energy and the native inhabitant's survival abilities attracted the aliens. Some of its inhabitants tried to fight back, with a number of them paying the ultimate price for their efforts. Most of the native population had escaped into the forests to avoid harm, but the local resistance forces suffered terrible casualties. In addition, there were immeasurable amounts of lost history due to many of the ruins across the planet being destroyed during the battles.

Luckily, the Star Fox team's telepath Krystal sensed a distress call which presumably came from Tricky. Eventually the Star Fox team managed to destroy the Aparoid Hatcheries and repel the Aparoid invasion of the planet on the surface and in the skies. However, the victory was short-lived as it was later revealed the Aparoids had used their attack on Sauria as a distraction in order to send an invasion to Corneria.

The destruction level was an A and the Aparoids were expunged. With the Aparoid Queen destroyed, Sauria's inhabitants survived Aparoid invasion. Because of the aforementioned destruction of various ruins from the fighting and casualties by the resistance forces, researching and implementing an aid program for the planet's inhabitants was made into a top priority.

Two years after the Aparoid Invasion of Lylat, Krystal arrived on Sauria following her exclusion from Star Fox, which is also where Fox went to meet with her after having decided to retire from the mercenary business and spend the rest of his life with Krystal, presumably accepting Tricky's offer to stay for their honeymoon.


  • Sauria, along with Corneria and Fortuna, are the only three Earth-like planets in the Lylat System, however planets such as Macbeth and Fichina have been made habitable by certain life forms, while Zoness was once an exotic paradise that made popular Cornerian vacations before the toxic pollution from Andross's Empire. Both Aquas and Titania were once inhabited by advanced tribes before they became extinct from natural disasters, and scientists from the Cornerian University believe that even Venom was once inhabited by the legendary lost space tribe of Cornerus.
  • This article is about the planet which the events of "Star Fox Adventures" takes place. For more information about the original game of the same name, see Dinosaur Planet (game).
    • The planet Fortuna also shares the similar alternate name "The Dinosaur Planet", but is not to be confused with Sauria.
  • In the animated short Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins, Slippy mentions coming back from a ten-day flight from "Sauria". While this name likely refers to this planet, it would contradict the name of Sauria not being established til Star Fox: Assault when Sauria is the "true name" after saving the Dinosaur Planet. Slippy also mentions eating nothing but canned food, considering the PukPuk Eggs and Dumbledang Pods which Fox and Krystal use to regain health. This also contradicts the team needing to be informed of the planet's existence in Adventures and Fox knowing nothing about the planet or its inhabitants, but regarding Zero's design it can be attributed to the change in continuity or developer.
  • Dinosaur Planet is the only planet whose denizens speak a language different than the rest of the Lylat System, yet some tribes of savage nature have not as of yet adapted to.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Assault was not the first game to refer to the planet as Sauria, as Dinosaur Planet, the game Adventures was built up from, also namedrops the setting as Sauria in the true ending.[1]