The Saucerer is an Anglar ship used during the Anglar Blitz. While it is similar in appearance to the Saucerer used by Andross, there are a number of differences between Andross's Saucerer and the Anglar Saucerer.

In Star Fox Command

The Saucerers used by the Anglar were encountered on Katina. These Saucerers travelled in groups of three. Each Saucerer had an opening in the base. An energy tether was used from this opening to connect to a pod that was dangling below each of the Saucerers. The three Saucerers used different colors for their running lights and for their energy tethers, which also dictated what sort of weapons the Saucerer would use. A Saucerer with green lights and a teal energy tether would deploy small drones, usually in groups of four, that would attempt to swarm the player. A Saucerer with blue lights and a pink energy tether would fire orange laser blasts at the player as they approached. Finally, a Saucerer with pink lights and an orange tether would fire green laser beams from four ports in the underside. These Saucerers could be damaged by shooting the control pods, though as the control pods take damage, the tethers will retract and pull the control pods up to the Saucerer. After being destroyed, the Saucerers will release Cores. An upgraded version of the Saucerer called the Great Saucerer was used by the Anglar Army to defend Venom towards the end of the Anglar Blitz.

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