General Pepper's Flight Log, pg 66
Katina is one of our frontline defense posts, Fox, and it's being overrun by Andross's fighters. We received a distress call from your academy classmate, Bill Grey, who is in command of Husky Squadron. Apparently there are hundreds of fighters swarming over the base! Bill has also informed us that an enemy mother ship has been detected on its way to the planet. Get over there and help him out before it's too late! Bill will brief you more fully on the gargantuan mother ship when you get there, so listen to him carefully!
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Saucerer is a heavily fortified assault craft used by the Venomian fleet that massed in the invasion of planet Katina during the Lylat Wars.


Lylat Datalink; Anatomy of an invasion, pg 68
The invasion of Katina is a textbook example of a Venom assault. The first enemy objective is to establish air superiority . Since Andross's Invader IIs are inferior to Cornerian fighters, the enemy will overwhelm the defenders with huge numbers. As Saucerer flies over primary targets, air defence units are lured into meeting the first wave of Invader IIs. A larger wave of enemy fighters then swarms out of Saucerer and eliminates the preoccupied defenders. With the skies clear, Saucerer deploys its Core Weapon and commences with the second objective: the complete annihilation of hapless ground units. At the end of the battle, shock troops are dropped to enslave any survivors.
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Saucerer was a specialized war machine of great power, manufactured in the weapons labs on Macbeth as one of the most powerful and intelligent of Andross's creations where it had been promoted to a position of leadership in Andross's military machine. The ship itself was rumored to have been developed based on plans for a ship by an alien race outside the Lylat System that were stolen by Andross. Andross had dispatched this key lieutenant mothership to seize a strategic location by taking down the Katina Frontline Base, whose veteran pilots had been a thorn in Andross's side for a long time. The Saucerer was manufactured with a great and powerful core weapon that could vaporise any city throughout the Lylat system, and was fitted with four launching bays called "hatches", so that it could always be accompanied by fleets of support craft.

During the Lylat Wars, a distress call was received from Fox McCloud's academy classmates, Bill Grey, who was in command of Husky Squadron, informing the Corneria Air Force that their front line defense post on Katina had been overrun by swarming hundreds of Andross's fighters. Bill had also informed Cornerian Command that the gargantuan enemy mothership had been detected on its way to the planet. The Bulldog and Husky Squadrons needed the Star Fox Team's help to deal with this gigantic threat. Despite deploying its full compliment of fighter craft, Saucerer was unable to gain air superiority over the Katina military base, and when it attempted to deploy its Core Weapon, Fox succeeded in destroying the exposed generator, setting off a chain reaction that ultimately sent Saucerer crashing to the ground and the resulting explosion destroyed the vessel.



Behind the scenes

  • The Saucerer, and in fact the entire level, greatly resembles and is probably based off of the 1996 film Independence Day, specifically the City Destroyers. The guide evidently references this by stating that Saucerer's design was made by Andross basing the mother ship on that of an alien race's beyond the Lylat System. 
  • Its name, "Saucerer," is apparently a portmanteau of the words, "Saucer" and "Sorcerer."

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese Great Dish (グレート・ディッシュ)
(超巨大要塞 Supergigantic Fortress)