I'll take you guys out from the ship!
—Shogun Pilot

Saruzin was a large, heavily armored carrier used as a flagship by the Venomian fleet at Sector Y during the Lylat Wars.


It was primarily a long flight deck with two support wings to either side and a command bridge towards the back. The Saruzin carried the Shogun warlord battlesuit and two Shogun Warrior battle suits. After you beat both warriors, the Saruzin battleship will launch the warlord to spar with you.

Enemy Recon

The flagship of the Sector Y offensive is the Saruzin. Aboard is the Shogun warlord, the guardian robot that oversees Andross's galactic fleet. You can easily target the robot when it stands on the ship's deck, so attack it there before it launches itself off the runway.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 61


The Saruzin served as the flagship for the Venomian fleet during the Battle for Sector Y. In the final moments of the battle, when the carrier was threatened by the Star Fox Team, Saruzin launched both Shogun Warriors and Shogun itself as a last line of defense. However, all three robots were defeated and the carrier destroyed, ending the battle and scattering the defeated Venom fleet.



  • If one were to look at it solely from the front, one might notice that it resembles White Base (or as called by the Principality of Zeon, The Trojan Horse), which housed not only the Gundam, but quite a few other Mecha made during the "V Project".
  • The carrier shares similar names with the Sarumarine and "Saru" which is also the Japanese name for monkey, this makes sense that the Shogun pilot and multiple Venomians are primates, including Andross.


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