Disrespectful little whelps! I'll teach ye some respect!
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The Sarumarine captain is the unnamed Androssian lieutenant, who was made captain of the Illegally Modified Research Vessel, Sarumarine in "Star Fox 64". In "Zero", his Communications icon was reused by various ape soldiers.


The captain is a snow monkey, wearing a unique diving helmet. His left eye is smaller than his right one, referencing a common conception about missing or patched eyes among fictional sailors. He wore a white beard in the original Star Fox 64 release, which was removed in the 3DS version.


As one of the most powerful and intelligent of Andross's followers who had been promoted to positions of leadership in Andross's military machine, the captain was given command of a specialized war machine of great power. Andross had dispatched this key lieutenant to seize a strategic location throughout the Lylat system by building a new supply base and mining oil deep under the sea. But in the process, Andross's bio-weaponry caused by the Sarumarine polluted the once beautiful oceans and transformed the beautiful sea creatures into hideous monstrosities.

In the games

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Andross's refinery installations had security systems with high powered searchlights to scan through Zoness's tainted atmosphere, yet the Captain had spotted the Star Fox team before hand using his ship's periscope.

Whatever the outcome of the stealth mission, the Sarumarine will wait for the Arwings after the line of Searchlights are clear, making its presence known with a trail of sea mines. Once the vessel rises from the waves, the captain brands the Star Fox team as "disrespectful little whelps" and proceeds to teach them "some respect".

The Sarumarine captain's icon was used for someone who piloted/commanded one of the four Harlock-class Frigate in Sector β. He doesn't have any actual dialogue besides screaming when his ships was taken down by either Fox, his teammates, or Bill Grey.


The captain's voice and character in both versions uses stereotypical pirate (Bristolian) accents and tones, further highlighting his similarities to a pirate. Due to the nature of Andross's minions, he is highly aggressive towards the Star Fox team and will attack Fox McCloud without hesitation, even willing to launch his chained cannonball at them when left with no ability to sight his opponents. Judging by his rank – that of Captain – and orders given within his dialogue, it can be taken that he is not the only member of the crew aboard the vessel. The primate is also somewhat sadistic, as he will cackle in a pirate style when he successfully strikes Fox's Arwing. After the Sarumarine is starting to explode, he will give off a stereotypical pirate roar of pain.


Game Voice actor
Star Fox 64/3D Ja Green



  • The Sarumarine captain somewhat shares his namesake with Saru, a placeholder character from an early version of the unreleased "Star Fox 2". Also, both Saru and the captain are primates.
  • The captain may be based on the Japanese macaques, commonly known as a Snow Monkeys. This makes sense, for they share white fur, tan faces and Japanese macaques are great swimmers which contributes to the captain commanding a submarine.
    • In Japan, the snow monkeys are known as Nihonzaru (Nihon "Japan" + saru "monkey") to distinguish it from other primates, so when Japanese people simply say Saru, they usually have in mind the Japanese macaque.
  • In early development of "Star Fox 64", as well as Zoness having a much different appearance, the Sarumarine captain looks different than he did in the final game.