The Sarumarine serves as the boss of Zoness in Star Fox 64. It also uses it's periscope to locate the Star Fox team halfway through the flight path.


The Sarumarine is equipped with massively thick hull armor that would deflect most (if not all) weaponry. The Sarumarine, from its appearance and name, may be a ship recovery unit taking its crane into consideration. From its abilities it could also possibly serve the same purpose as real world submarines.

Enemy Recon

This former research station has been turned to evil purposes by Andross and is the cause of the toxic pollution of Zoness. It has the ability to repair itself by using the crane mounted on its aft deck.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 92


The twin funnels act as smokestacks and snorkels. Destroy them to prevent the Sarumarine from diving.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 92


Destroy the globes the Sarumarine launches at you to get bombs. Grab them!
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 92


Watch out for exploding mines. Get them for Supply Rings.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 92


As long as the crane is operating, you won't be able to destroy the Sarumarine.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 92

In the games

The Sarumarine serves as the boss of Zoness in Star Fox 64 and the 3DS rerelease.

Special abilities

  • Aside from its defensive capabilities, it has its own weapons which include a large chained mace that erupts from the front of the machine at Fox.
  • Also included are a supply of detonating barrels that erupt into a pillar of fire when they go off. These small barrels can float along the water's surface and can be seen scattered throughout the level as well. The barrels are deployed from two large attachments on either side of the Sarumarine.
  • The two large attachments are also capable of firing off iron cannonballs at the player, but moreover of a distraction (or for the game's purpose of supplying the player with Smart Bombs).
  • The Sarumarine also has the ability to dive underwater to avoid the player, as long as its two exhaust pipes remain intact. When this happens, a periscope comes up over the top of the water. Torpedoes will be launched at Fox until the Sarumarine resurfaces.
  • Additionally, the Sarumarine is capable of reattaching its lost barrel spewing compartments by means of a salvage crane it has on its back.
  • Finally, the ship is also capable of firing lasers, which are similar to the ones used by the Attack Carrier on Corneria. It is unknown whether or not this weapon is capable of firing with the armor still on, but since the lasers aren't used until the armor breaks off, it likely doesn't.


  • The Sarumarine, though it has impressive defense, like all weapons, has a fatal flaw in its design: the armor has openings in it where the exploding barrels are deployed from. Since these slots are necessary to release these barrels, this weakness cannot be avoided by the designer.
  • The two exhaust pipes are also susceptible to Smart Bombs and can be blown off. When this happens, the vessel can no longer submerge.
  • If the periscope is destroyed with Smart Bombs while the Sarumarine is underwater, the pilot will say "I can't see anything. FIRE ANYWAY!". After he says this, the Sarumarine will still attack, but its chain mace will be less accurate.
  • The salvage crane used to reattach the broken off compartments is also vulnerable and once taken care of, the boss can no longer replenish his defense.
  • Firing Smart Bombs into the openings breaks away the ship's armor from within until it finally becomes susceptible to normal laser fire. Of which, the ship can now be easily and quickly dispatched.