Disrespectful little whelps! I'll teach ye some respect!
—Sarumarine pilot

The Sarumarine is a former research station, modified into battleship by the Venomian fleets on Zoness and helmed by a nameless primate who spoke with a heavy, stereotypical pirate voice. As its name suggests, the ship itself can submerge in and emerge from water. The Sarumarine is actually only the base of the ship, having been modified to attach extra components and armor. In fact, the tankers throughout the level are transporting cargo between multiple Sarumarines.


Prior to the Lylat Wars, the Sarumarine was originally a research station. However, after Zoness was captured by Andross, the research station had also began to be used to cause pollution on the planet's once beautiful oceans and transformed the beautiful sea creatures into hideous monstrosities under Andross's control, and began acting as one of the main bases for his army. Andross dispatched his lieutenant to seize this strategic location in the Lylat system by mining oil for his supply factories, accompanied by fleets of support craft.

Lylat Wars

During the Lylat Wars, word was received to Cornerian intelligence that a supply base was in the making on Zoness, a fact that also surprised General Pepper. Because Andross's refinery installations had been equipped using security systems with high powered searchlights to scan through Zoness's tainted atmosphere, Star Fox then had to sneak into Zoness and start a bombing raid on the base, destroying the radar searchlight buoys to maintain cover. Unfortunately, the Sarumarine had managed to spot them halfway, using it's periscopes, and waited for them at the end, even after all of the buoys were destroyed. It then attempted to sneak attack the Star Fox team and Katt Monroe by releasing explosive barrels (torpedos according to its captain) and then revealed itself. After its snorkels were destroyed by the Star Fox team, it then attempted to fix any damages from the team (such as any detachments of the cannon/mine units) with its crane, until Star Fox managed to destroy the crane. The second the Sarumarine was vulnerable, the Sarumarine spattered lasers and its chained cannonball flail in a desperate final attempt to destroy the team and Katt but failed, and Fox McCloud himself destroyed the Sarumarine.



  • "Saru" is also the Japanese word for "monkey". Japanese macaques, or snow monkeys, are known for their excellent swimming abilities which coincides with the captain being a snow monkey who helms a submarine.
  • The Sarumarine somewhat shares its namesake with the placeholder character Saru found only in an early prototype of Star Fox 2.
  • If the player shoots off a snorkel just as the boss submerges, it will result in the boss not being able to emerge from the waves again and thus make the boss fight unwinnable.
  • The Sarumarine is named as a bioweapon on the official site.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (サルマリン号, sarumarin-gou)
(違法改造戦艦 Illegally Remodeled Battleship)