The Sargasso Space Zone or Sargasso Region role in the games.

In the game


A Transfer Device, one of many throughout the Sargasso Hideout.

Mission 3. Sargasso Space Zone; Hostilites Revisted

The Sargasso Space Zone serves as the third mission in the story mode of Star Fox: Assault. The first objective is to clear the hideout station of all transfer devices, while avoiding enemy hostility and taking to space when the Might Gauge is rising. After destroying all transfer devices, Star Wolf will arrive and prompt a dogfight challenge towards Fox and his team.

Mission 3. Take Control Of The Hideout

The Core Memory that Pigma stole may contain vital information on the war with the aparoids. (It is currently the only complete Core Memory taken from the aparoids.) It is believed that Pigma has fled to an illegal hideout; pursue him and take control of the hideout.
—Mission objective

Vehicle: Pilot, Arwing

Type: All-Range Mode


Medal requirements

Bronze Silver Gold
Mission 3. Sargasso Hideout 400 900 1500


At first, Fox will need to explore the 4 floored hideout in the search for Pigma, unfortunately, Star Fox's presence provoked an attack from the local thugs who attempt to take control of the hideout using transfer devices and battleships outside. Fox will need to find avoid fire from the ape soldiers, while destroying the required number of Transfer Gateways, keeping an eye on the Might Gauge for when the enemy numbers boost and enter space outside in the Arwing to destroy the battleships. After destroying the transfer devices, Star Fox can then control the base.

Star Wolf Assault Sargasso

Star Wolf leave the scene.

Boss: Star Wolf team

Now that Star Wolf arrived outside, Fox will need to engage them in space with the Arwing and take out fighters that tail Krystal and Falco. Panther will stay by Krystal, Leon near Falco and Wolf will be nearest the last battleship outside the main doorway. Panther and Leon will attack Fox if they get behind him, while Wolf is very aggressive and will tail Fox without end. The Mission will end once all three Wolfen are downed.

SOS: After Star Wolf appear, Krystal is attacked by three ships, circling the hideout quickly which requires boosting to catch up.

SOS: Not long after Krystal calls for aid, Falco is chased by fighters near Leon's regular map position.

Official site info

Location data

Battle condition

Data retrieved from Great Fox's robotic assistant, ROB, advises Fox McCloud has dispatched his team to arrest the criminal, Pigma Dengar. Confidence is high Dengar possesses knowledge of the Aparoid species. Reports are coming in that McCloud has met resistance at Dengar's hideout. No further data available.

Tactical data

Sniper rifle

Useful weapon to neutralize foes from long distances.

Power upgrades

Green upgrades the weapon caliber of your Arwing or Landmaster. Red increases the strength of your vehicle's blasts.

Personnel file

Name: Slippy Toad

Team Star Fox: Mechanic

Skills: Engineering, Landmaster pilot Slippy has been a member of Team Star Fox since its formation.

Versus Mode

The hideout is also available as two Multiplayer stages in the Versus Mode, one inside the interior for pilots only and an exterior space zone stage for Arwings and Wolfens only.

Inner Sargasso Hideout

The interior of the hideout is available for Vs Mode after completing Mission 3 in the Story Mode. Since the map is for Pilots only, players cannot take any vehicles into space and are therefore confined to the interior.

Vehicle Select: Pilot


The hideout's open spaces, narrow hallways and three levels of platforms make the Sargasso arena perfect for a Pilot restricted battle. Falling from the Multiple high places will give no damage and makes useful surprise attacks which are ideal opportunities for Sniping matches, while long narrow hallways and ramps make devilish chanes for planting Sensor Bombs. The two lowest level elevators used in the Story Mode are functional for a quick escape or chasing opponents. The large cargo crates provide helpful cover in close combat scenarios.

Differences from Story Mode

  • The highest area in the hideout that held the last remaining transfer devices in Mission 3 is closed off.
  • Weapon spawn points differ.
  • No explosive crates containers.
  • Players cannot exit the base and explore into the outer starfield.

Outer Sargasso Hideout

Star-fox-assault-20050118045500311 640w

Outer Sargasso Hideout in VS mode.

The exterior of the hideout is available for Vs Mode by default. Since the map is for airborne vehicles only, players cannot take any vehicles into the hideout to retreat and are therefore confined to the exterior.

Vehicle Select: ArwingWolfen


The map is restricted hideout's open space battleground which allows contests of great aerial maneuvers, loops, U-Turns and brakes. Power-ups appear in and around the space station, enabling an easy find. Some smaller asteroids can act as threatening hazards but are within remote places. The map can make an ideal level for Sure-Shot Scuffle matches, since star fighters will be downed instantly and Pilots cannot eject into the vacuum of space, creating an intensifying challenge for defensive flight skills. 

Differences from Story Mode

  • No battleships or rock robots.
  • Giant asteroids are outside of the flight boundary but there are some remote rocks within the field. 
  • Players cannot enter the base and are restricted to the outer starfield.


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