Don't you idiots know this is part of Lord O'Donnell's territory?

The Sargasso Space Zone or Sargasso Region is an illegal hideout located somewhere in the Meteo Asteroid Belt and is home to a gang of thugs and criminals under the authority of Wolf O'Donnell. The Hideout is one large space station, protected by ForceFields, with on-board spacecraft, equipment and technology resembling those of Venomian designs.


The hideout had been previously known to Cornerians, such as Team Star Fox, as a vile residence of various sorts of hardened criminals, such as the traitorous Pigma Dengar. Wolf O'Donnell had apparently become the hideout's boss, even granting him the rank of lord, and ordered his men to drive out any appearance of Pigma after having worn out his welcome on the Star Wolf team. Given the fact that some of the equipment of the Ruffians have Andross's logo on them, it can be assumed that at least some of the ruffians in the Sargasso Space Zone were former Androssians, adding the acts of hostility from the ruffian announcing the intrusion of Star Fox after learning their identity.

During the Aparoid Invasion the Star Fox Team came here in search of Pigma Dengar who had stolen an Aparoid Core Memory containing vital information about the species and their homeworld. When a criminal ruffian inside the colony denied any knowledge of Pigma and took a hostile stance against Star Fox, the team decided to take action. Fox and Slippy were sent inside the base to search for Pigma and stamp out any resistance they encountered as they destroyed all transfer devices on sight to cut off reinforcements, while Falco and Krystal took care of the fleet outside.

Later, Star Wolf arrived after receiving a distress call from their troops. Furious over the intrusion into their territory, Wolf, Leon and the team's newest member Panther engaged Star Fox in their Wolfens, but were defeated. After some talk, Wolf admitted that Pigma had been kicked out of Star Wolf as well as ordering his ruffian henchmen to drive Pigma away if he ever dared to enter their territory. Panther, in favour of flirting with Krystal, citing the communications log, helped in tracking Pigma by pointing the team to Fichina.


After the war, with the casualties suffered by the criminal gang, the threat posed by them to the Cornerian Army was no longer deemed realistic. The base was presumably placed under close supervision, but the dense surrounding asteroid field would make tracking difficult. Because the Aparoids were not involved in Star Fox and Star Wolf's conflict in this area, this also resulted in the area being listed as the only campaign to not have any Aparoid-related casualties.


  • The Sargasso Hideout's position on the traditional Lylat System map may be somewhere near the direction of the Meteo Asteroid Field, Fichina and Solar, considering the presence of Asteroids and Fichina being the next mission. Another factor being that Solar is within the space horizon and coincidentally the Sector Y and Solar background musical theme from Star Fox 64 being used as the level's tune.


  • The Sargasso Region is likely named after the Sargasso Sea, a region in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.
  • While inside the Sargasso base, enter the door on the highest floor of the stage. While the door is closed, take a Sniper Rifle and aim at the center of the door. The Sniper's targeting scope should appear red colored, as if the door were an enemy. Shooting the door accomplishes nothing.
  • In Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction there is a planet called Sargasso and might have been named after this area, though it's most likely that they are both named after the same aforementioned region in the North Atlantic Ocean.


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