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Space mines ahead!
Slippy Toad

SX Space Mines (short for Sector X Space Mines) are explosive mines, manufactured and utilised by the Venom forces during the Lylat Wars.


When it detects ships not part of the Venomian Army, they will detonate upon the ships getting close, making it advisable to take them out at a distance. The best way to dispose of these is by a Smart Bomb.

Enemy Recon

These deceptively small mines produce incredibly large explosions when you get close to them. Lock on to them while they're still far away. If you're lucky, a charged-up bolt will takeout two or three.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 45


Hence the name, SX Mines were located in Sector X that are primarily used to guard the entrance to the Venomian's secret research facility. Although primarily congregated at Sector X, similar mines were also found near Area 6, Venom's Air Defense Zone at the very beginning of Star Fox Team's battle with the Venomian army.


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