Interceptor system, dead ahead.
Slippy Toad

SX Lasers (short for "Sector X Lasers") are a type of unmanned defense turret for the secret base in Sector X.


They are often placed in groups of as small as two and as large as six throughout the innermost portion of the base. They are also backed up by two or more squadrons of Canines.

Enemy recon

These powerful, unmanned lasers have been placed in groups of two, four and six throughout the second half of the stage. Their targeting sensors work daily well, and they're often backed up by two or more squadrons of Canines.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 45


Cornerian spies reported that Andross was developing a star base in Sector X, but remote sensors only detected a huge field of space debris. It is unclear if Andross's base construction project had been destroyed by some kind of accident, or if this was part of his plan. It could also been a trap. Because of the destruction of Sector X, the Spy Eyes often floated among the debris of the ruined base. Despite the destruction of the Sector X base, the Laser turrets nonetheless managed to operate efficiently.