Ah, a lovely sweetie! Mmm!
—The WarpStone

Rock Candy is an important item in "Star Fox Adventures". This is the item that essentially introduces the system of purchasing items in the game.



Rock Candy on display at the ThornTail Hollow Store.

Fox needs to bring it to the Warp Stone, who complains about not being brought gifts anymore. After eating the Rock Candy the Warp Stone agrees to help Fox, by warping him to Ice Mountain and Krazoa Palace and also granting him access to the Game Well Maze. The Rock Candy can be bought in ThornTail Store for the default price of ten Scarabs.



Fox buys the Rock Candy.

In appearance, it is a stone coin, which is thicker from edges than from center. It has either a red gem in the middle on both sides or a single gem comes through the coin and is visible from both sides. There is also some orange or gold decoration spreading from the red gem(s) to the edges. The in-game description claims it to be very tasty and sweet. The Warp Stone is deeply satisfied by this gift and the taste of it.

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