The role of the Robot Andross in the games.


Robot Andross is a skull-like, robotic duplicate decoy of the evil mad scientist Andross. It swerves frantically while making low pitched cackling as it's circuits crackle.

In the game

After flying through the plains and canyons of Venom and destroying the Mysterious Giant Golem Golemech, Fox decides to go it alone into the tunnels of Venom to reach Andross's palace. Once flying through a long narrow tunnel, Andross will emerge from the shadow and the battle shall commence. Once Andross's eye's have been hit enough times, he will start to tear away and reveal the Robot Andross beneath. The Robot's only method of attack is continually charging at the Arwing and filling the whole screen. The Robot has no real defences and is very weak between the eyes, especially to a Smart Bomb. Once the Robot has taken enough hits, its circuits will overload and start to explode while screaming, thus completing the game. When the credits have finished playing, the face and laughter of Andross slowly emerges on-screen, meaning he still lives on.

Enemy Recon

Why, it's not Andross at all, but some robotic duplicate! In any case, it's going down hard. Shoot it between the eyes. You can't dodge as it charges at you, so let's hope you have some power left in your Shield Gauge!
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 112


You'll face a different version of Andross depending on which path you took to Venom.
—Star Fox


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