Robot Andross is a robotic duplicate decoy of the evil mad scientist Andross. It serves as the final boss of Star Fox 64 after reaching Andross's Palace on Venom via the Bolse satellite and after battling Golemech. The "Lylat Wars Comic" also depicted Fox defeating a Andross, which turned out to be a mechanical versions, ending with the entire planet of Venom being destroyed by its meltdown.


After flying through the plains and canyons of Venom and destroying the Mysterious Giant Golem Golemech, Fox decided to go it alone into the tunnels of Venom to reach Andross's palace. Once he flew through a long narrow tunnel, Andross emerged from the shadows and the battle commenced. Andross's hide started to tear away and revealed the Robot Andross beneath. The Robot had no real defences and was very weak, especially to a Smart Bomb. Once the Robot had taken enough hits, its circuits overloaded and started to explode while screaming, thus destroying the palace and nearly taking Fox down with it if not for the Arwing's fast manuverability.

In the Comic

This… This cannot be… You… You, You have… Destroyed… me…
—Robot Andross

In the 1997 Lylat Wars comic, the Andross that Fox battles after reaching Venom turns out to be a Robot Andross. After a long battle, Andross's hide shatters revealing a robotic decoy beneath. Its meltdown is so strong that it causes Venom to self destruct. The writers might have chosen to use the Robot Andross giving that it is most likely to have been fought first by players.



  • Unlike other bosses, Robot Andross will not give out any Hit Points at all. This may be because of the fact that the real Andross shows up at the end credits, indicating he still lives.
  • In "Star Fox Zero", Andross is able to shapeshift into a similar appearance to Robot Andross, although unlike Robot Andross's purpose as a decoy, it is heavily implied that it was indeed the real Andross in that case, perhaps using cybernetics.
    • In "Star Fox 2", Andross also appears to have used robotic body parts to survive his previous defeat, akin to Robot Andross.