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The Reactors are energy reactors appearing inside main ships (like the Androsa). They serve as bosses in early Star Fox Zero.


A Reactor looks like a green glowing energy sphere with black metal casing holding it together. It has six laser emitters protruding from it which are also green but gradually turn yellow the more they are hit. These serve as weak points. Reactors are easily identified as they have a high energy emission rating.

In the game

The Reactor makes an official appearance and a secret appearance in Corneria and Sector α. In Sector α, one appears as the mandatory boss just after the hovering tutorial inside the warship. In Corneria, one appears inside the Androsa as part of the "Mission Accomplished" ending.


Mission Accomplished

After destroying a laser cannon, the inside of Androsa will be exposed. This reveals a hard to get but useful gold ring and a little passageway which is also hard to enter. Once Fox enters the passageway, his Arwing will transform into the Walker form and reach the Androsa's core. Granga will challenge Fox to a duel. In order to destroy the Androsa, all six emitters must be destroyed by hitting them enough times. Do not use charged shots as normal shots are more effective due to the rapid fire. The Reactor can easily be destroyed in as little as five seconds with three Smart Bombs.

Sector α

Mission Complete/Accomplished

This Reactor will be encountered directly after the force field dash section. This Reactor also behaves identically to the first so use the same tactics to destroy it.


  • Entering the secret passage in the Androsa unlocks the Walker a level early.
  • Inside the Reactor rooms, it is possible to transform back into an Arwing. This often results in a quick death.