Zypher Ring now expanding. Main reblock dis engaged. All blocks, orbits confirmed. No anamolies detected. Commencing energy exposure. Expanding gate lens. Gate creation successful.
—Gate Announcer

A Re-block is a segment of the Zypher Ring used in the Beltino Orbital Gate.


Three reblocks are needed to form a wormhole like Zypher Ring. The ring detaches from the main station and breaks into three re-blocks, each circling each other in perfect orbit, thanks to tractor beams emitted from the station. Once in sychronous orbit, the re-blocks then expose themselves to solar energy, to create a gate lens for ships to pass through.


The Star Fox Team used this technology to reach the Aparoid Homeworld, using the Great Fox as a flagship for the remaining Cornerian fleet. It is unknown how the Star Wolf team managed to reach the homeworld as they were not seen entering with the fleet, but they presumably used the same method of travel.


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