The Rainbow Delta is Leon's personal starfighter which he a modified from a Wolfen, following Star Wolf's survival of the Aparoid Invasion. It was a very sleek, fast and deadly craft with a swept-wing design like the Arwing, and much higher shielding than the Black Rose but a weak boost. Its main armament was a special laser cannon that fired continuous shots of charged lasers, as it has no laser, but rather a wide lock, meaning it can only fire lasers if the shots are charged. It can also carry up to two Smart Bombs.

The Rainbow Delta's name may be a hint towards the rumor that Leon has a secret passion for peace, or fittinly that Chameleons are able to change into an array of colours to help adjust to changes in temperature.

In the game

Website bio description

Leon Powalski
Leon's image is ruthless and cold-blooded. The Rainbow Delta's advanced shields allow Leon to deeply penetrate enemy lines.
—Star Fox Command Website bio (Leon)
Rainbow Delta
Laser N/A
Lock Wide
Bomb 2
Shield 5
Boost 2
Time Bonus 2


Below are all the missions that utilize the Rainbow Delta:

Location Mission
CommandFichina.png Fog of War
Former Rivals
(appears as boss)
CommandKatina.png Krystal
AnglarPalace.png Star Wolf Returns


Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (レインボーデルタ)