Radar jammers are in place. Radar use is impossible.
ROB 64

Radar jammer is a strategic electromagnetic device sent by the Aparoids to disrupt communications between General Pepper and all other main forces of the Cornerian army during the Aparoid Invasion of Corneria, hence their name. This technology was so foreign, it was enough to confuse even the advanced Cornerians.


The appearance of the radar jammers is strange, even for Aparoid kind. They bear six pointed fin like arms very like Starfish. The radar jammers bear honeycombed circuitry within the exposed center.


They hover high above ground, meaning players will need to concentrate hard on searching the monitor to locate them. The radar jammers will hide behind the multiple buildings of Corneria City, even relying on their camouflage to keep themselves shrouded in the smoke, from the decimated city below.

The radar jammers boast incredibly tough armour, hence the fact only a direct hit from a Sniper Rifle to the center "eye" can destroy them. However, the jammers will not open their center until Fox looks through the scope of his rifle, meaning the Sniper Rifles slow rate of fire will leave him vulnerable to attacks.


Using electromagnetic technological pulses, the radar jammers severed contacts between the Star Fox team, jeopardising all plans to end the Aparoid attacks on the Lylat System. With the total loss of communications and radar, the jammers became difficult targets to find, meaning only an attack from the surface would be an effective method of diposing of them.

Fox McCloud depended on his own radar and eyes to spot the jammers and could only attack them from the City streets at the urging of General Pepper. With the radar jammers destroyed, Peppy Hare could transmit an Arwing to the City for Fox to continue the rescue of Corneria.



  • The number of radar jammers varies, depending on the medal skill level chosen by the player. Bronze level players will only need to find six, while Silver levels have nine and Gold level boasts twelve. (The number increases and decreases by three). 
  • Jamming communications is a typical war strategy, displayed in many science fiction series, such as Star Wars, the film series that the Star Fox series shares multiple traits with.
  • If one were to connect the edges of the radar jammer, it will create a hexagonal "honeycomb" pattern, which is the common decoration of the aparoids.
  • Their size is about double that of an Arwing.


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