Radar Sites are radar scanners, mounted on towers that are stationed outside the Fichina Base and surrounding the old Cornerian army base in Corneria City.


The Radar Sites resemble those that are traditionally the type used for detection of aircraft.

Enemy Recon

The Fichina base is ringed by a network of radar antennas. These are used as part of an early warning system by the military, as well as for local space traffic control. You don't receive any hit points for destroying these sites, so if you're low on points for the mission, you probably shouldn't waste time on them.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 41

Secret Supplies

The radar sites hold hidden bonuses. Though you don't get any hit points for destroying them (they are Cornerian military property after all), they do contain Supply Rings. The map above shows the fact location of each site around the perimeter of the complex. Some of them are out of the way, and getting to them may eat up precious time that could be used for taking out enemy ships. If your shields are buckling, though, you may have little choice.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 42


Four Radar satellites were stationed around the old army base in Corneria City, however they were unable to prevent the oncoming invasion from the Venomian army.

At least seven Radar Sites were stationed at the Fichina Base. However, they were unable to prevent the invasion of the Invader I Fighters and backup support from the Star Wolf team.



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