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ROB 64 tends to perform the role of tutorials and backup support in the games.

ROB's debut in the Star Fox series was in "Star Fox 64". His role in the game is operating and maintaining the Great Fox. When needed, ROB can supply boxes that contain ringssmart bombslasers, or Wing gyro from the mothership. This will depend on the status of the vehicle during the moment of gaming. When the moment of the exact Mission calls for it, ROB will send out a signal to the player by the right C button. Once the C>>> icon appears onscreen and chimes, ROB is attempting to reach the player for the opportunity to deliver a Supply Container, but if the icon goes unanswered, there will be no Container.

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ROB's message.

When teammates are force to retreat from a Mission, ROB will also repair the shield-depleted Arwings of Fox's teammates, and would be done with fixing them by the time Fox finishes the next level. ROB only serves to relay information to the pilots, such as "Location confirmed. Sending supplies." or "Great Fox will cover you." In this game, ROB is the most analytical and does not appear beyond the communications channel. ROB also acts as one of two instructors of the game's Training Mode, along with the tanuki Yaru de Pon. When

Instruction book description

Operating from the mothership Great Fox, ROB works closely with the Star Fox team offering support when necessary.
—Star Fox 64; Instruction Booklet

Strategy Guide description

ROB 64, the robotic navigator aboard Great Fox, considers Slippy its best friend, probably because Slippy regularly recharges ROB's proton packs.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 8.

Call for backup

ROB 64 will sometimes contact you via sub-space radio during battle. When you hear a chime and see a yellow icon flash, press the right C Button to open a channel. ROB will send a supply container with an item in it. To find other items and identify strategic points in each mission, refer to the battle maps on the following pages. The chart below is a key to the icons on the map and tactical readouts.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 16.

ROB appeared again in "Star Fox Adventures", sometimes going by the name of ROB The Robot (which may have been influenced by the developer change). He helped with processing saved data, and sent a large quantity of Fuel Cells for Fox's Arwing across Dinosaur Planet, but had trouble with targeting and made an abundance of the scattered across the planet surface. His role was very minor in this game, but he appeared in the ending scene along with the other members of the Star Fox team. Also in this game, ROB seems to have human-like, changing personalities. This may be due to his rebuilding by Slippy Toad. This is the first time he appeared in full physical form as he was restricted to the communications channel during the Lylat Wars.

On the Main Menu, selecting ROB will allow the player to make any desired changes to language and subtitle selections. Early development voice recordings and unused in-game models have revealed that it was ROB who would have handled the Save Data options on Fox's communicator selection, but he was cut out of the final game release for unknown reasons and replaced by the Nintendo GameCube Memory Card icon.

Instruction book description

After several rebuilds by Slippy, ROB has now been infused with much more personality and has gradually become recognized by all as a fully-fledged member of the Star Fox team.
—Star Fox Adventures; Instruction Booklet

ROB served a role in "Assault" similar to the one he had in "Star Fox 64". ROB would respond to orders given to him such as locating where Andrew Oikonny's flagship retreated to, scanning the Climate control center for an entry, and reported in whenever specific confirmations were in place such as the destructions of Transfer Gateways or Aparoid hatchers. He was nearly destroyed when Peppy Hare crashed the Great Fox into the shield protecting the entrance to the Aparoid Queen's lair, but Peppy and ROB managed to use an escape pod before the ship was destroyed. The Aparoid Queen had used ROB's voice to try and convince the team to "join them".

In Mission 8, ROB will alert the arrival of new incoming Aparoid Missiles and their approach towards the Orbital Gate.

Instruction book description

The observation and analysis robot assigned to the Great Fox. His main duties are to assist Peppy and transfer vehicles to Fox and company.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet

ROB returns in "Star Fox Command", piloting the new version of the Great Fox in the map mode, and also giving some advice to Fox and the other characters during the missions. On some paths in the game, ROB joins Star Wolf Team when no "hero" character is around to play as. In this game, he, like in Adventures, becomes more humanoid, even uttering sarcastic remarks. For instance, if the Great Fox is destroyed, ROB says, "Goodbye cruel world." He even has veiled feelings for Lucy Hare, when he remarks to her that he'd do anything for her.

Website bio description

Operations chief of the Star Fox team. Rob pilots the Great Fox. Anglar forces make this vessel their primary target during battle.
—Star Fox Command Website bio (ROB)
Great Fox
Anglar forces target the Great Fox at all times. If the Great Fox is destroyed, your mission has failed. The Great Fox cannot move, but it can launch missiles and Arwings.
—Star Fox Command Website description

Missiles: 3

Whenever ROB tries to make contact with the player, the touch screen is required to be tapped to respond or the supply container will be lost or the Great Fox's guns will not fire.

Official Site description

R.O.B 64 is the cybernetic pilot of Star Fox team's transport ship, the Great Fox. He dispenses advice during training sessions, and can drop life-saving items into the field in the heat of battle.
—Star Fox 64

ROB returns in "Zero", acting exactly like he has done before in previous games, giving necessary advice and stays on the comms like in "Star Fox 64". ROB's appearance is now a combination of his Star Fox 64 3D and Star Fox: Assault character design.

ROB 64

Robotic operator of Star Fox team's mothership, the Great Fox, ROB is networked to the ship's main computers, allowing him to process any requests by the Star Fox Team and send vehicles and items to team members in the field.
—Star Fox Zero

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ROB is only mentioned in the Great Fox's trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee. He appears as both a Trophy and stickers in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. His trophies are both modelled on his Star Fox: Assault character artwork, since ROB lacks a full physical appearance in Star Fox 64 3D. ROB appears in just one of the hidden taunt conversions where he recites a quote spoken in Assault when an Aparoid Missile appears on radar.

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Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
ROB 64 Random
ROB 64 - Brawl Trophy
A bipedal robot and operator of Star Fox's mother ship, the Great Fox. In Star Fox: Assault, he is in charge of observation and analysis duties and assists the Star Fox tea commander, Peppy. ROB 64 is also responsible for the vital job of sending vehicles and items to Star Fox team members in the field.

  • Star Fox / Lylat Wars (N64)
  • Star Fox Assault (GCN)


Name Game Effect Characters Sticker
ROB Star Fox Adventures Resistance +15 Fox Falco Wolf
Brawl Sticker ROB (Star Fox Adventures)
ROB 64 Star Fox: Assault Attack +8 Any
Brawl Sticker ROB 64 (Star Fox Assault)

Logo EN - Super Smash Bros. Wii U 3DS


Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
ROB 64 Series Related

ROB's trophy.

A robot who assists the Star Fox team, though with statements like "zero percent possibility of success," he's definitely not the team's morale officer. His frank anyalsis does help the team hone their plans, and with the support from him and Peppy, the pilots can stay focused on the fighting.
NA release
A robot that assists the Star Fox team. Sometimes he says rather blunt and depressing things about how they have a "zero percent possibility of success", but it only helps them hone their plans based on his expert analysis. With support from him and Peppy, the pilots can keep their minds on the action.
PAL release


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