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Message from General Pepper! Priority one!
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ROB 64, also known sometimes as ROB The Robot, is the robotic operator of Star Fox team's mothership, the Great Fox. ROB has the ability to completely control the Great Fox, technically making the ship fully autonomous. He is also networked to the ship's main computers, allowing ROB to process any information requested by the Star Fox Team. ROB can also use the ship's transfer device to send vehicles and items to Star Fox team members in the field.


Lylat Datalink; Great Fox, pg 105
Developed by Arspace Dynamics Co., Ltd., manufacturer of the Arwing fighter, Great Fox was custom built under the direction of James McCloud. Featuring 3 NTD-FX9 plasma engines, Great Fox is light-speed capable and has a real-space cruising speed that nearly matches the Arwing's. Power for its 2 T&B-H9 hyper laser cannons is routed directly from the plasma engines, giving the ship the ability to punch through even a Zeram-class Cruiser's shields. ROB 64 was developed in conjunction with Great Fox and is hard-wired to the ship's primary computer. James McCloud took out a low interest, 80-year mortgage to purchase Great Fox, a debt that his son is doing his best to repay.
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Before Fox's Star Fox team was formed, ROB 64 was originally created by Space Dynamics Co Ltd, along with the Great Fox under the orders of James McCloud. ROB and Great Fox's constructions were not yet completed when James disappeared. When James's son Fox restarted the team and received his father's orders, ROB was finally ready and first served the second Star Fox team, staying on board Great Fox.

Before the Lylat Wars, when Fox became leader of Star Fox, ROB was hardwired into the Great Fox, allowing him to become the automatic controller and pilot. He helped in many missions, and would only provide backup fire for the team if the Arwings could not penetrate a target. He became friends with the members early on, especially Slippy, as he was the mechanic and remembered to frequently recharge ROB's proton packs.

ROB made an important role in the Lylat Wars, since he was the one who intercepted the emergency distress signal that General Pepper transmitted to the Star Fox team. At the Meteo asteroid field, ROB used the Great Fox's main guns and blasted a pathway for the team through the asteroids. He also gave Fox a Smart Bomb to help. At Katina, ROB didn't do much except give Fox supplies. In Sector Y, he provided more backup and gave Fox some supplies. In the mission on Fichina, ROB reported that there was a bomb in the base, and gave a countdown time limit whilst dropping more supplies to Fox. At Aquas, ROB dropped Fox in the Blue-Marine off in the waves and gave supplies. On Solar, he backed the team up and gave Fox many supplies, because of the searing heat. Then, in Sector X, he took out some of the rubble so he could pass in and drop off supplies. He then had to receive data to find Slippy which he reported was on Titania. This time, he went ahead of the team to find Slippy and soon found him. At Zoness, he again provided Fox with supplies but did not participate in battle to destroy the beacons because the ship was too big to pass unspotted. At Macbeth, he helped out in finding the Forever train's destination and dropped more supplies. In Sector Z, while passing through the debris field, the Great Fox was attacked by missiles which were shot down by Fox and his team. At Bolse, he could not do much because of the size of the station and was only able to give Fox supplies. Near the end of the road, at Area 6, ROB helped Fox by dropping supplies when necessary and gave cover fire to destroy many of the battle cruisers with Great Fox's heavy laser cannons, tearing through the defences of the Harlocks and Zerum Class battleships. ROB also flew Great Fox low at Venom to back up the team and drop off bombs. He was unable to help against the fight against Golemech because the ship would not fit in the temple. He was also only able to drop life-saving items during the fight with Star Wolf's Wolfen II and watched helplessly as Fox plunged to fight Andross. After Fox destroyed Andross, ROB escorted the team to Corneria, and then flew off into the sunset. Finally,  ROB would Contact Fox via his Awing helmet that Great Fox was ready to takeoff.

After the Lylat Wars, ROB helped in tracking down the remaining Venomian forces for 4 years after the wars. Yet there wasn't much else he did during that time period.

ROB intercepted the Hot Rodders' SOS signal on Titania. He flew in orbit, while the team went down. Later, ROB was ordered by Peppy to deploy the Landmaster (with Slippy as the pilot) onto Titania so he could scout ahead and discover whether Captain Shears had any ulterior motives after an incident where Fox and Falco got into a dogfight and Falco ended up badly damaged and crashlanded. When hailed by the Hot Rodders, ROB was then ordered by Peppy to investigate the files that the Hot Rodders stole from the research base: He then revealed that the files did not contain anything regarding Andross's research, but rather a cloning program to resurrect Andross himself. ROB then informs the team regretfully that Slippy's communication link was cut at some point prior when Peppy realized that he inadvertently placed Slippy in grave danger. He spent the remainder of the mission observing Fox's infiltration of the facility to rescue Slippy.

8 years after the Lylat wars, ROB and the Great Fox fell in disrepair. He suffered from joint dislocation, and had to be fixed many times by Slippy. ROB also supplied them with the information regarding the conflict on Sauria, although he ended up short circuiting, resulting in ROB needing repairs from Slippy that were completed as they arrived at Sauria's orbit. When the team got their mission on Sauria, ROB was unable to use the Great Fox as help, as its weapon systems didn't work right, but he did transport fuel cells, and some Binoculars to Fox down planet, but due to the ship's disfunctional transporting systems, had them accidentally scattered all over the Planet. He transmitted data from Fox throughout the mission. At the end, ROB couldn't help in the battle against Andross. He was happy to get their fee because he "really needed some oil". He accepted Krystal in the team and could sense Fox's blood pressure rise, and said it aloud jokingly.


During the Oikonny Rebellion conflict, the newly repaired and changed ROB got involved in many battles, with the newly repaired and more powerful Great Fox. At the Battle of Fortuna, he shot down many of Oikonny's cruisers and tracked down Oikonny to the rebels base on the planet.

Aparoid Invasion

ROB fought hard in the invasion. He transmitted data from the core memory captured on Fortuna, and participated in the battle of Katina, and the attack on Sargasso space region, as well as the battles of, Fichina, Meteo, Sauria and Corneria. He then helped Beltino transmit data from the core memory captured on Meteo. At the Battle of Beltino Orbital gate, he warned the team many times to take down the missiles heading towards the gate. At the battle of the Aparoid Homeworld, he and Peppy fought bravely, but suffered damage from the Aparoids. They soon got many Aparoids on the ship. When the shield came up, he destroyed the Aparoids outward base, and he and Peppy sacrificed themselves by ramming the Great Fox into the shield, where they were presumed to be killed. But they survived with the Ships cockpit escape pod.

The team got a new Great Fox, but it was much weaker. It is unknown about ROB's opinion on it. ROB underwent changes to get hardwired to the new Great Fox, earning him the sarcasm chip. He was the only one not to leave the team, besides Fox. When the Anglars invaded, ROB analyzed data from their ships and explained them to Fox. He then asked if Fox wanted training. If you choose 'Yes', he makes you undergo 4 training exercises; 1 is steering, 2 is fighting, 3 barrel rolling, 4 is time limit. If you choose 'No', then ROB takes you to Corneria. There he tells Fox about the fuel limit, in which Fox replies that if he gets taken down then it's up to ROB, who replies with a laugh asking if that was a joke. At the fight, ROB backs up Fox. After that, ROB then tells Fox that the Anglars ships are made of chrome that can survive the Venom sea. You're then left with 3 choices. Either one you choose leads you to different paths.

Other appearances

Lylat Wars Comic

ROB appears in the Lylat Wars Comic, having very few direct appearances, exactly like the games, appearing exactly when needed such as alerting Fox about Great Fox being ready to takeoff.

Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins

ROB in the anime.

ROB appears briefly in the promotional anime that was made to promote the release of "Zero". En route to Corneria from a ten-day flight from Sauria, on Great Fox's bridge, ROB 64 is working on the control deck, until the alert eventually is sounded so ROB reports a distress signal from General Pepper that the Androssian forces are attacking Corneria City.

On Corneria's seas, Fox orders a G-Diffuser system check before Falco multi-locks and totals two Bandit fighters, liking the new visor that Slippy made. Fox asks ROB for an evacuation report, and ROB responds with a complete evacuation, the Cornerian civilians watch the conflict from across the sea in terror.


  • ROB's name is a reference to the NES accessory R.O.B.(Robotic Operating Buddy), to which he bears a more than passing resemblance. ROB's  "surname" is derived from the console of his first appearance, the Nintendo 64. The letters 'NUS' are on ROB 64's chest in Adventures. This is a reference to the code used for all Nintendo 64 accessories.
    • ROB's Japanese name, "NUS", stands for "Nintendo Ultra Sixty-four," the original name of the Nintendo 64 system, and is part of the serial number of all N64 components: the controller, for example, is NUS-005. Like with his English name, the 64 is derived from the console of his first appearance.
  • Unused dialogue and ripped game file models for "Adventures" have revealed that ROB would have originally appeared on the menu screen as the character responsible for saving data, yet in the final release, he was replaced by the Nintendo GameCube memory card. It is unknown why Rare decided not to use him.
  • Due to "Adventures" containing an English voice cast in all regions, he was also known as ROB in the Japanese version. In addition, the cast roll of "Assault" gives him the full name of "ROB/ NUS64".

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese NUS64 (ナウス 64, Nausu Rokujūyon)