General Scales must be stopped!
—Queen EarthWalker

The Queen Earthwalker is one of the rulers of the Earthwalker tribe. She is the wife to the King EarthWalker, and mother to Prince Tricky.


Under orders from General Pepper, Fox McCloud finds her in the beginning of the Star Fox Adventures, trapped in ThornTail Hollow by the SharpClaws. She will give Fox information about the planet, Prince Tricky, and The King Earthwalker, although her conversation was for the most part one-sided because Fox's translator was still being worked on by Slippy Toad, resulting in Slippy giving the translation to Fox via communications link. She is very ill when Fox first finds her, and he must locate six White Grubtub Fungi in order to save her. She then informs Fox about the ongoing war between the SharpClaw Tribe, planetary history and advises Fox to find Garunda Te, the SpellStone GateKeeper of the DarkIce Mines.

After Fox protects the Mother ThornTail's eggs from the egg thieves, the Queen sends for them, and tells them about the King EarthWalker being trapped within the Walled City. Fox inquires where the Gate Keeper is, but the Queen surprises them with the fact that the King IS the Gate keeper, making the entry to Walled City seemingly impossible. But the King was wise; he knew General Scales and the SharpClaws would come for him, and hid his Gate Keeper powers behind a seal that only Krystal's Staff can unlock.

When Fox places all the Spellstones in the Force Point Temples, only to find that Sauria's Planetary Chunks have not returned into place, the Queen explains that all six Krazoa Spirits are required to put the planet back into place.

The King and Queen EarthWalkers later sent word to General Pepper, thanking the Cornerians for their assistance. Their fates are currently unknown, for as of the Aparoid Invasion, their son is now the tribe's king.


The Queen EarthWalker seems to be based on a Protoceratops, a member of the real world Ceratopsia class of dinosaurs.

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The Queen EarthWalker's dialogue was performed by Estelle Ellis. Originally, she was to be voiced by Natalie Cox, but that was scrapped late in development.


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