He will find you. And he will destroy you.
—Queen CloudRunner

The Queen CloudRunner is the leader of the CloudRunner Tribe and the GateKeeper to the CloudRunner Fortress. Her leadership over the tribe with the absence of a King suggests the CloudRunners are a matriarch society or her husband may be deceased.


Plight of Sauria

When Fox and Tricky were exploring the beaches of Cape Claw, they first heard the sounds of crying while Tricky spotted her caged up in a cave near the Ocean Force Point Temple. When Fox McCloud solved the puzzle of the Gas Chamber, the cage was unlocked and allowed the prisoner to be free. Tricky's first reaction when he saw the Queen was to hide behind Fox while yelling at the Queen to go away. Fox was confused by this reaction and the Queen explained that the CloudRunner Tribe and the EarthWalker Tribe don't like each other, suspecting that the King EarthWalker had been telling his son lies about her people. After the Queen opened the gateway to CloudRunner Fortress, Fox contacted Peppy to get his Arwing ready to make the flight to the CloudRunner Fortress. Tricky however refused to help, so Fox allowed him to take a break during the events of CloudRunner Fortress.

After Fox released her, she opened the Gateway to the CloudRunner Fortress, leading Fox to the next SpellStone land. When she and Fox arrived, she told Fox to meet her inside the Fortress, while Fox has to solve a puzzle to gain access. When Fox finally entered, he watched General Scales capturing her again, and interrogating her with brute force for knowledge about Fox. After she claimed that Fox will find Scales and destroy him, Scales threw her to his SharpClaws to attack her. Fox was angry at Scales' barbarity, and stepped in to face Scales, but was overpowered by the Sentry bots and both the incapacitated Fox and Queen were imprisoned by the SharpClaw Tribe.

When Fox escaped his cell, he found the Queen caged again in a giant bird cage. Fox released her by opening two Staff switches. Then the Queen asked Fox to find her five children using the CloudRunner Flute, before they could be scared away from the Fortress forever. When Fox reunited the CloudRunner family, the Queen and her children unlock the cage to allow Fox get to the underground treasure rooms where Scales took the SpellStone. When Fox returned from racing the SharpClaw for the SpellStone, the Queen and Gradabug personally thanked Fox along with other CoudRunners and say him head off to his Arwing.

Aparoid Invasion

The Queen CloudRunner's fate during the Aparoid Invasion of Sauria is unknown but Peppy Hare reflected that the Cloud tribe is extremely proud, meaning they would have fought and suffered casualties. With the Aparoid Queen slain, the Planet was saved by the Star Fox Team.


The Queen CloudRunner is a pterosaur. She wears a purple dress and a golden crown.

P.D.A Scanner Information

QUEEN CLOUDRUNNER - Leader of the CloudRunner Tribe


The Queen CloudRunner's dialogue was performed by Louise Tilston.



  • The sounds of the Queen's crying can be heard when wandering around Cape Claw and the cage in Cloudrunner Fortress.
  • Queen Cloudrunner bares a huge resemblance to none other than Kazooie, the loud-beaked Breegull in Rare's N64 platformer Banjo-Kazooie. Also, her colour scheme is red and yellow like Kazooie's feathers and her robes are blue, like Banjo's pack where Kazooie tends to be found.
    • Coincidentally, she also ended up locked in a prison cell at a coastal area, similar to Kazooie in Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge.

Early Development

  • In the original Dinosaur Planet, the Queen Cloudrunner was actually killed upon her encounter with General Scales.
  • In Star Fox Adventures, the Queen Cloudrunner has children (that Fox must save), which could prove evidence of an unknown King Cloudrunner (her husband) that did not make an appearance in the game. Possible theories from this instance include the King being killed, captured, or being sent into exile (more likely than not caused by General Scales) or there was never a King and that the Queen's children may have been adopted.
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