The Blaster's/Machine Gun's not working on that enemy!
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Purple Aparoids are a basic Aparoid unit somewhat bigger than Fox McCloud and acts like a mortar in Star Fox: Assault.


This Aparoid unit has four legs and is protected by a barrier that renders Machine gun and Blaster fire useless. However, the Blaster's charged shots still damage the creature. All other weapons can damage a Purple Aparoid. The Aparoid will shroud itself in a hexagonal shield in its defence against Blaster and Machine gun fire. 

Methods of Attack

It fires small blue orbs of energy that explode upon impacting a surface, be it the ground, a wall, or a creature.


On Easy, a Purple Aparoid can be killed with a level 2 charge shot or a single shot from the Homing launcher. On higher difficulties though, it takes a level 3 charged shot or 2 homing launcher shots to bring one down. Lower charge levels still damage the creature though.


Purple Aparoid were active throughut the majority of the Aparoid Invasion, especially prominent at the battle of Katina, where they were the Star Fox Team's main target priorities, until the Aparoid Hatchers arrived on the scene. Their condsiderable difficulty in battle caused Fox to summon down a Landmaster after destroying just two Aparoids.

  • Larger, missile firing variants are found on the Aparoid Homeworld. These variants boast even higher defences in defence of their homeworld, making them harder the destroy compared to ones encountered earlier (also likely for gameplay reasons).



  • This creature resembles the Protoss Dragoon unit in StarCraft, a popular RTS game. This is because they both have four legs and both fire blue energy orbs.


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