PopTops are turtle-like enemies found exclusively in water in various locations on Dinosaur Planet.

In the game

They raise their shells and will try to bite Fox if he gets close enough. Since Fox is unable to attack while he's swimming, he'll have to find some ground and shoot them from a distance. PopTops can only be hit with the Fire Blaster when the shell is raised. 



Mutant turtle-like creatures, found exclusively in water
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 16


—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 16


As Fox can't attack while swimming, he must avoid these creatures or be hit while in the drink. Find some dry ground and hit poptops with the Fire Blaster to disintegrate them. Only a hit while one's head is extended will have any effect.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 16

Society and Culture


A PopTop on CloudRunner Fortress.

It is unknown who the PopTop tribe are truly affiliated with, yet the Prima Strategy Guide refers to them as "mutant turtle-like creatures" meaning they may be one of the species that were created by General Scales's experimental bio-engineering manipulating conducted on Dragon Rock.


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