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The Plasma Hydra is a boss that appears in the original Star Fox game in Sector Y.


When first encountered, the large mechanical life form will move towards the Arwing. When it is near, it will start to spin around stretching out its long arms and shooting plasmas and missiles out of them. Its weakness is shooting the arms to push back the weapons into the body damaging it. When one of its arms is destroyed, it can regenerate a few times. After a couple of hits, both arms are destroyed and the body starts to spin around growing another arm out of its "mouth" with a spike at the end. Before it is destroyed, it will make a final blow; ramming into the Arwing and moving back and self-destructing. This is a very powerful blow. Moving left or right will avoid the final attack.


  • The Plasma Hydra probably got its name from launching plasma from its arms and from the water beast Lernaean Hydra in Greek Mythology, although it doesn't have a tail or multiple heads.

Names in Other Languages

Japan (プラズマヒドラ)
(機械生命体 Mechanical Lifeform)


  • The Plasma Hydra is the first boss in the Star Fox series who performs a last-ditch attack upon his defeat. Andross is the second, doing so in Star Fox 64.


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