The Plasma Hydra is a boss that appears in the original Star Fox game in Sector Y.


When first encountered, the large mechanical life form will move towards the Arwing. When it is near, it will whirl its arms around in an attempt to hit you. Periodically, you will see energy pulses travel outward through the arms from the main body. When the pulses reach the end of the arm, a plasma ball is launched outward. Firing at the ends of the arms will cause energy pulses to travel back in the reverse direction, and when the pulse reaches the main body it will damage the boss. If an ingoing pulse meets an outgoing pulse, the arm will be destroyed and prevent you from harming the plasma hydra for some time until the arm is regenerated. When the hydra has taken heavy damage, both arms will be destroyed and the main body becomes vulnerable to direct fire. Shoot at it to finish it off. As a final blow however, the plasma hydra will attempt to ram the Arwing. This is very difficult to dodge, and it also deals significant damage. The best thing to do is simply swerve left or right, and hope you have enough shield power to absorb the hit.


  • The Plasma Hydra probably got its name from launching plasma from its arms and from the water beast Lernaean Hydra in Greek Mythology, although it doesn't have a tail or multiple heads.

Names in Other Languages

Japan (プラズマヒドラ)
(機械生命体 Mechanical Lifeform)


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