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Star Fox team–do you read me? I have terrible news. Our sworn enemy, the fiend Andross, is alive! Even as we speak, he is launching an assault on Corneria. The Battle Carriers and attack forces of Andross are now advancing on Corneria. Enemy bases have been established on overrun planets. Planetary missiles will be fired from these enemy bases. Once again, we must ask you for your assistance, Star Fox. Corneria will survive if it sustains minor damage, but if damage reaches 100 percent, it is all over. Engage the forces of Andross while at the same time keeping damage to Corneria at the lowest level possible. Good Luck!
General Pepper

The Planet Missiles is a variety of missile utilized by Andross in Star Fox 2.


These missiles are designed to reach far in the same galaxy - particularly Corneria. The four types were Planet Missile, Spread Missile, Turtle Missile and Station Missile. The former two types could be encountered in the same group, whereas the latter two were only launched individually.


  • The Copperhead Missiles that appeared in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Zero may be the successors to the planetary missiles. In addition, the Anglar Missiles may also be their successors considering the elements that Star Fox Command recycles from Star Fox 2.
  • In the Aeon Genesis fan-translation of the 1995 late-development prototype, the term was localized as IPBM, which is a reference to the real-world acronym ICBM, meaning Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (惑星間ミサイル Interplanetary Missile)