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Pigma Dengar has appeared frequently as a supporting antagonist in Star Fox media, due to his influence within the in-game backstories.

Star Fox 64 logo
SF64 Fortuna Old Pal

Pigma chases after Peppy, promising to make his death quick.

Pigma 64

Pigma on the communications channel.

In Star Fox 64, Pigma will show up with the rest of his team by default at Fichina and Venom II, and may be encountered at Bolse if you took a path that did not consist of Fichina or if you did not shoot him down during the Fichina mission. Pigma will target his former wing mate Peppy, while making taunts to Fox such as "Come on, little man; shoot me!".  

(If Peppy is not present during the Fichina mission, he'll chuckle to himself and state that Star Wolf will be getting a whole lot of cash for killing the Star Fox team.)

If he is present during Bolse, Pigma will attempt to taunt Fox about how his father James had screamed horrifically as he died, although if the player does not shoot down Andrew before Pigma starts taunting Fox, Andrew will cut Pigma off to deliver his line.

If the player failed to shoot down all of Star Wolf within the time limit on Fichina and Pigma is among those not shot down, Pigma while departing will taunt the Star Fox team by saying "I've got two words for you, LO-SER!"

Depending on whether he was shot down on Fichina, Bolse, or Venom after Area 6, he'll either whine about the loss of his "beautiful reward" before screaming in anguish (Fichina/Bolse), or otherwise express disbelief that he had been shot down despite piloting the Wolfen II (Venom after Area 6).

Strategy Guide description

Pigma Dengar used to fly with the Star Fox team, but he sold out his comrades for money and turned to evil.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 9

Star Wolf

This is the final showdown between you and your longtime rival. If not for Pigma's influence, you may never have become enemies. Who knows? In another time, another place, you might have called him friend…
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 111

Star Fox Assault

Pigma plays a major role in Assault, where he first appears after the completion of Mission 2, where he flies a new spacecraft and reveals himself to have set a cunning false distress signal for Fox to follow and then plays a game of interplanetary chicken with his former team for possession of an Aparoid Core Memory.

In Mission 3, Star Fox follow his trace to an illegal hideout and begin to take control to find Pigma, but their intrusion starts a retaliation from the ruffians who denied knowing who Pigma is, and attack Star Fox. After dog-fighting with Star Wolf, Wolf reveals that Pigma's position on his team has been terminated but the newcomer Panther gives Star Fox advice to head for Fichina.

Pigma SFA

Pigma's decent into Aparoidedation.

During Mission 4, Star Fox turn the climate control center back on in order to stop the blizzards and find Pigma, but they are delayed again when Pigma uses the Core Memory to infect part of the climate control center machinery with Aparoidedation, forcing them to postpone following Pigma to prevent the station from exploding. Later, Pigma falls asleep at the controls of his spacecraft and begins to slowing lose his mind to Aparoidedation.

At the end of Mission 5, the Star Fox team watch Pigma abandon his ship as he undergoes Aparoidedation and fuses with a space station to become an Aparoid mutant and the stage boss. When the station is destroyed and goes into meltdown, Fox says nothing when watching Pigma scream in pain but previously acknowledged that he had presumably already perished.

Instruction Booklet description

A greedy miser who thinks of nothing save his own gain. His life has been one double cross after another. His overwhelming greed and unreliability got him kicked out of Star Wolf.
—Instruction Booklet

Website bio

Wanted: Pigma Dengar

Species: Suidae

Latest intelligence confirms Dengar has left Team Star Wolf to satisfy his greed as a freelance criminal.

Strategy Guide description

Pigma cut his teeth on the Star Wolf team, but the greedy swine wore out his welcome and has gone freelance. He hasn't been Fox's greatest concern in the past, but you can never underestimate a self-serving fellow when there's profit to be made during a war - and there's no skirmish bigger than what the Aparoids have started.
—Star Fox: Assault; Nintendo Power Strategy Guide pg 7

Boss Description

Serving as the boss of Mission 5 at the Meteo Asteroid Belt, Pigma is now the cybernetic combination of an abandoned hexagonal space station with Aparoid infection and a monstrous incarnation of Pigma's face in the center. He speaks to the team in plural idiosyncratic manner, referring to himself as "we" or "us" (save for a single quote he makes at the beginning of the battle: "Join me."), indicating the shattered state of his now insane mind. 

This boss is very similar to the Gorgon Space Station, Andross's Ultimate Space Weapon. The creature is armed with six robotic space crane arms, each with built in claws for close combat and launching Asteroids. The claws also have retractable Missile Launchers and twin-barreled Gatling Laser Guns. He will use his grappling crane arms to throw asteroids, lash out at the player with the crane arms, spatter volleys of blaster bolts, and fire small ballistic missiles from the claws. After the player shoots off all its arms, it is able to launch guided bombs from the slots surrounding his face. His face will now be vulnerable to attack while he launches his bombs. Aparoid Pigma performs his ultimate ability when he closes the hatch around his face, gathers a giant amount of energy, opens back up the hatch, and fires a devastating lavender Disintegrator Beam from his mouth. After unleashing this powerful attack, Aparoid Pigma will be temporarily vulnerable and will not attack for a small window of time, giving the player the opportunity to greatly damage and maybe even finish him off. The boss will give HIT+10 upon defeat.

Star Fox Command

Pigma returns in Command in the form of a ghostly rubix cube, serving as a boss in Sector X and Sector Y, and he referred to this form as "Neo Pigma" at least once. He referred to himself in normal tone, suggesting he had somehow regained his former sense of self, but seemed to have some difficulty when communicating. It is revealed that Pigma wanted Star Wolf to bring Star Fox to him, and that the plan to get them there was made by Krystal. Pigma explains that he spared Star Wolf because he once found them to be good friends, showing that he is indeed capable of having some amount of loyalty. Pigma also seemed to command some Anglar forces to destroy Star Fox, but he showed up himself after they are defeated.

After Pigma's final destruction and death, one of two endings ensue (where Falco creates Star Falco and Fox and Falco retire and join the G-Zero Grand Prix). Both endings have a more pyrrhic element to them (in the former, Falco beats Pigma, but ultimately misses out on taking out the Anglar Emperor; and in the latter, Star Wolf managed to destroy the Anglar Emperor instead of the Star Fox team, which ultimately had Fox doing races alongside Falco to take their minds off the betrayal).


The battle between Pigma and Star Fox in Star Fox Command differs from his previous appearance. Pigma is built up by four rotating squares like a rubix cube, with a different colored pattern on each side. Pigma will launch missiles like before, while creating vertical laser beams to attack the chosen star fighter. By shooting the four corners to reveal the Pigma pattern, the cube will separate to reveal its weak spot core. However, when the picture is complete, Pigma will launch a laser outline of his face towards the ship. The boss will give just 1 HIT upon defeat.

Star Fox 64 3D logo

Pigma's communications channel in Star Fox 64 3D.

Pigma's role in the 3DS release of Star Fox 64 is identical to the once he had in he N64 game.


Pigma on the Communications Channel in Star Fox Zero.

Pigma returns in Star Fox Zero, where the in-game backstory portrays him as apparently working undercover for Andross by "volunteering" for the Star Fox team's recon mission on Venom and betrays James by firing on him, meaning he was never loyal to the Cornerian cause before he became a member of Star Wolf. He first appears in Area 3, where he was assigned to back up Caiman's starfighter group in holding off Star Fox long enough to allow the Venomian forces to retrieve the Gigarilla. Pigma will retreat after taking enough damage, despite Caiman's protests that it wasn't part of their deal as Pigma is promising Fox that the battle between them isn't over before retreating.

He later fights the Star Fox team at Sector β, alongside Andrew Oikonny and Leon Powalski, ultimately holding them off long enough for the Star Wolf leader, Wolf O'Donnell, to arrive.

If the player meets certain requirements, Pigma alongside Andrew will fight Fox in Sector alpha as an optional boss.

Pigma later reappeared at Venom within the pocket dimension that Andross was exiled to, with his Wolfen being capable of transforming into the Hunter mecha to rival the Arwing's Walker.


Pigma appears as the main antagonist of Star Fox Guard, where he owns AstroMine and plans to take over Grippy Toad's company using the combat and chaos class bots to steal Grippy's minerals for Andross to use as their advantage against the Cornerian Army. His plans were failed by Slippy Toad, Grippy Toad, the player, and with assistance from Star Fox.

Pigma Dengar

Disgraced former member of Team Star Fox who betrayed James McCloud.
—Star Fox


Pigma in Star Fox 2.

Pigma was originally going to debut in Star Fox 2 before the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System release was canceled, but eventually released onto the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic. He is fought over Macbeth's orbit.

Pigma Dengar description

Arrogant and cruel, and possessed of a fiendish strength.
—Official Web Manual

Super Smash Bros 4 merged logo, no subtitle

Pigma appeared firstly as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He has recently appeared as a trophy in the fourth title. His pose and artwork is captured from his Assault character artwork, while his trophy implies that Star Wolf was formed after he persuaded Wolf to do so, referencing the curious fact about Pigma being the source of reason behind Fox and Wolf's rivalry from Nintendo Power's Star Fox 64 guide. The Wolfen's trophy also claims that he had a hand in the design of the ship, which references when he is shot in his Wolfen II while he exclaims You can't beat me! I've got a better ship!.


Name Game Effect Characters Sticker
Pigma Star Fox: Assault Attack +7 Any
Brawl Sticker Pigma (Star Fox Assault)

Logo EN - Super Smash Bros. Wii U 3DS

Wii U

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription Trophy Box
Pigma Dengar Series Related
Pigma is many things. He's a traitor who betrayed Star Fox and then convinced Wolf to form his own mercenary team, Star Wolf. He's greedy and cowardly, and eventually Wolf kicked him out of the team. He's also got some good traits, though! How about...? No, that isn't…
NA release
Pigma is many things/ He's a traitor who betrayed Star Fox, then convinced Wolf to form his own mercenary team, Star Wolf. He's greedy and cowardly, and it's this characteristic greed that later made Wolf angry enough to kick him out of the team. But he's also got some good points! Er, somewhere…maybe…
PAL release
  • N64: Star Fox 64 (07/1997)
  • GameCube: Star Fox: Assault (02/2005)
35. Star Wolf


Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
Pigma Dengar TBA

Pigma's trophy.

Pigma is many things. He's a traitor who betrayed Star Fox and then convinced Wolf to form his own mercenary team, Star Wolf. He's greedy and cowardly, and eventually Wolf kicked him out of the team. He's also got some good traits, though! How about...? No, that isn't…
NA release
Pigma is many things/ He's a traitor who betrayed Star Fox, then convinced Wolf to form his own mercenary team, Star Wolf. He's greedy and cowardly, and it's this characteristic greed that later made Wolf angry enough to kick him out of the team. But he's also got some good points! Er, somewhere…maybe…
PAL release

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While Wolf was originally believed to have been working independently, an April systems update for the Nintendo Switch version of "Starlink: Battle for Atlas" adds new missions where Leon, Pigma and Andrew join in on Wolf's plans, requiring Fox's respective teammates to take action against their rivals.


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