The characteristics of Pigma, including physical appearances, personality and relationships with other characters.


Pigma is a very small, pudgy, humanoid pig with very thin limbs and white eyes. In his full appearance in Assault, he wears a lavender, white and tan space suit. His snout appears to be crooked to the left side and he now has three claw marks on his forehead (presumably given to him by Wolf). Pigma's true eye color is still debatable as it alternates between yellow, red and white. Pigma's regular eye colour is white, while it flickers yellow in Star Fox Command. When he piloted the Wolfen II and became an Aparoid mutant, his eyes are clearly red (although the former case was implied to be electronic goggles).


Pigma is an exceptionally greedy miser who does not care who he hurts so long as he ends up with a large paycheck in the end. He is also extremely sadistic, as evidenced by his claim of "Daddy screamed real good before he died!" (in the Japanese version, Pigma instead says "Your daddy's waitin' for ya in hell!"). Another example of his sadism is how he wholeheartedly and with delight tried to shoot down his former ally Peppy without any apparent hesitation, although he did vow to "do [Peppy] fast" during the encounters with Star Fox at Fichina and Bolse. He didn't even care much for his teammates; he willingly betrayed James for the money and perhaps would have done the same to Star Wolf had he been given the chance (unless his path in Command is believed to be canon, in which case he did have some affection for his teammates).

Pigma has also shown traits of being cowardly as was shown when making a tactical retreat from the Star Fox team every time they met, after he collected the Core Memory from them. The Lylat Wars Comic also shows both Pigma and Andrew being terrified of Andross and they blame each other for their failure while in his intimidating appearance, and later being tortured by Andross for failing to bring Star Fox down yet again as Andross refers to Pigma as once a traitor always a traitor. Being cowardly and selfish are also suggested reasons for Wolf kicking Pigma out of his team. This trait can be seen in the intro of Star Fox Zero where Fox refers to Pigma as an: "honorless slime ball". Despite his cowardice, he was also shown to be very arrogant, as when dogfighting Fox, he often tauntingly told Fox to "shoot [him]" while derisively calling him "little man" in Star Fox 64 and its 3DS remake, and also dismissed his fighting Fox as "boring" and hoped he'd actually make it a challenge during the dogfight on Venom in Star Fox Zero.

The Nintendo Power guide and Lylat Wars Comic also implies that Pigma is the reason for Fox and Wolf's rivalry in the first place. During the Aparoid Invasion, although still his usual greedy self, its also shown that he laughs frequently, hinting at a severe decrease in his sanity since the Lylat Wars. Peppy notes that Pigma was a very cunning wingmate when saying "Just like Pigma. He never missed a trick", with Krystal adding upon seeing the construction of a massive base in Meteo that "[Pigma] must have planned ahead" and was shown to be intelligent by deducing the Core Memory's value when Fox protested against him taking it. Pigma's trophy in the fourth Super Smash Bros title also claims that he is a shameless mechanic who had a hand in the Wolfen's design, which alludes to him saying: You can't beat me! I've got a better ship!.

  • Although it was stated that Pigma betrayed his comrades for money, the Japanese manual for Star Fox 64 never stated a specific reason for wanting to serve Andross and betraying Star Fox. It is also to be noted that the Nintendo Power guide and the Keibunsha strategy guide implies that Pigma is the reason why Wolf and Fox have a rivalry in the first place, while his trophy from the fourth Smash Bros game supports the story by stating that Star Wolf was born after Pigma persuaded Wolf to start a team of his own. It can also be assumed that Pigma may have also betrayed Corneria and his old team by joining Andross as an act of fear, due to his suggested trait.

In Star Fox Zero, this was altered somewhat: Namely, he had never been a long-time member of Star Fox, but instead been a volunteer for the mission, and he had also been a double agent, meaning he never was loyal to Star Fox to begin with.


Language Game Voice actor
Japanese Star Fox 64 Daisuke Gouri
English Star Fox 64 / Star Fox 64 3D / Star Fox Zero David White
English Star Fox: Assault Lev Liberman
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