Pigma's ship was a ship that Pigma Dengar used Star Fox: Assault.


It was a yellow elongated ship with three engines that can rearrange itself into makeshift landing pods. In addition, it carries a tractor beam to carry up any items that Pigma finds and wishes to sell, and possibly a cloaking device, due to Pigma's ship appearing right behind Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi even when he wasn't seen behind Falco's Arwing when supplying his response to Falco's question (when he was intending to ask Slippy Toad that question). In addition, when it is revving up its engines, it sounds like a motorcycle. It's unknown exactly when Pigma started utilizing the ship, although it's likely he started using it when he was evicted from Star Wolf. It is unknown if this ship possessed any laser cannons or weapons of any kind, as Pigma tended to flee from conflict. However, it was at least capable of spraying some sparkly objects that would cause anything to instantly become infected by the Aparoids (which was implied to have come from the Aparoid Core Memory).


Pigma's ship was first seen during the conclusion to Star Fox's mission to the Katina Outpost, where, when Fox mentions that the SOS signal is no longer transmitting, Pigma reveals himself and thanks Fox for helping him out (revealing that he was the one who sent the SOS signal). Pigma then "repaid" the favor by stealing the Core Memory, with his intention to sell it becoming even more apparent after Fox tries to stop him from taking it. His ship was initially spotted near the Sargasso Space Zone, the hideout for the Star Wolf Team, although it turned out to be a false lead. The ship later made a reappearance during Fox's mission to Fichina, where Pigma reveals himself and infects the core to the weather control center and then escapes leaving Star Fox to deal with it. He later abandons the ship in space, which Fox and the other members of the Star Fox team discover shortly before witnessing the then-infected Pigma's horrifying transformation.



  • Its noseart also contains a blonde pig resembling Miss Piggy from the Muppets.
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