...Marcus soon forms an elite squadron to defend peace wherever it is threatened. He teams up with Slippy's son and Peppy's granddaughter, and tracks down the legendary pilot Falco Lombardi. And with that, a new Star Fox is born!
—Good-bye, Fox

Peppy's granddaughter is the granddaughter of Peppy Hare and Vivian Hare, and presumably the direct daughter of Lucy Hare, since Peppy did not have any other known children. She appears in the "Goodbye Fox" ending of "Star Fox Command".

Physical appearance

As a member of the next Star Fox team, she wears a pink jumpsuit, much like Krystal did during the angular era, who Peppy also viewed as a "second" daughter.


When Fox McCloud and Krystal's son Marcus started a new generation of Star Fox team, he enlisted Slippy's son, along with Peppy's granddaughter to carry on what their families started and defend the Lylat System whenever it would be threatened. They eventually discovered and enlisted the legendary ace-pilot Falco Lombardi as their senior advisor.

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