Allow me to introduce myself. I am Panther... and all who see my rose meet death!
—Panther Caroso, Star Fox: Assault

Panther Caroso is a member of Star Wolf. He becomes infatuated with Krystal at the Sargasso Space Zone, and when Fox tries to beg her for "forgiveness" in Star Fox Command, Krystal turns to Panther and the rest of Star Wolf in certain endings.


Early life

Specific details on his life prior to joining Star Wolf are unknown, although he had committed enough crimes and misdemeanors that the Cornerian authorities had been tracking him for decades, with his calling card being a rose. The latest intelligence, made some time prior to the Aparoid Invasion, indicated that Panther has joined Star Wolf.

Aparoid Invasion

Panther made his first appearance as the newest member of Star Wolf in Star Fox: Assault, taking the place of both Pigma Dengar and Andrew Oikonny. Despite his hostile attitude towards the rest of the Star Fox team, he is overwhelmed by Krystal's beauty, causing him to reveal that the com record indicated that Pigma has fled to Fichina. Panther disappeared with the rest of his team for some time until the aparoid devastation of Corneria. A comment made by Panther during the battle of Corneria inferred that he occassionally frequented a cafe on the planet, and got angered that the aparoids totaled the cafe. His closing remarks leave him wishing for a "first class" meal. Panther and Star Wolf continued to support the Cornerians in their common struggle against the aparoids before the team vanished with the destruction of the Aparoid homeworld.

Anglar Blitz

Panther appeared again after the Aparoids were wiped out, where he survived the Aparoid's homeworld's doom, having gained himself a high bounty of s$20,000.00 on his head, following Star Wolf's dealings in smuggling and piracy. Panther has made attempts to begin a relationship with Krystal after she joined Star Wolf following her breakup with Fox. Panther pilots the Black Rose (ブラックローズ Burakkurōsu), which looks somewhat like the Wolfen II seen in Star Fox 64. It is armed with the Zapper, a powerful but slow-firing laser.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese パンサー・カルロッソ (Pansā Karurosso)
Korean 팬서 카루소 (Paenseo Caruso)
Russian Пантер Карозо (Panter Karozo)


  • In Command, Panther's surname is changed to Caruso, presumably due to translation error.
    • Similarly, the official website of Star Fox: Assault spelled his name as both Caroso and Caruso.
  • His surname in Japanese is closer to Caluroso, which is Spanish for 'warm, hot, energetic, enthusiastic.'


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