As the Star Wolf team's newest member after the Lylat Wars, Panther Caroso has appeared in fewer games than other members but made appearances in two Super Smash Bros. games as well.

Star Fox Assault
Panther Assault Ending

Panther in the ending character roll call.

Panther debuts in Assault where he first appears with the rest of his new team during Mission 3. Panther stays by Krystal and seems to know who she is given how he knows her name without having been introduced on-screen before and doesn't attack her. Shooting at him will cause him to say "Make me mad and your life's as good as gone."

Instruction Booklet description

Although he's new to the Star Wolf team, he's a top class pilot. Panther's a flirt and incredible indulgent with females. His conceit is so great that those around him are embarrassed. The red rose is his symbol.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction booklet

Website bio

Wanted: Panther Caroso

Species: Felidae

Team Star Wolf: Accomplice

Cornerian authorities have been tracking the criminal career of the subject for decades. Latest intelligence indicates he has aligned himself with Team Star Wolf. Caruso's calling card is a red rose.

Star Fox Command
Panther Caruso

Panther in the pilot gallery.

Panther appears in Command, where his customized Wolfen, the Black Rose is playable in certain missions.

Website bio description

Panther Caroso
Star Wolf member. Though 100lady's man, Panther is merciless in the cockpit of the Black Rose. One shot from its zapper and targets are
—Star Fox Command Website bio (Panther)
Black Rose
Laser Zapper
Lock N/A
Bomb 1
Shield 1/2
Boost 4
Time Bonus 2

Super Smash Bros 4 merged logo, no subtitle
Panther SSBB

Panther on the secret Smash Taunt.

Panther also makes a cameo appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl in the Lylat Cruise stage and is voiced by Eric Newsome, along with the rest of the Star Fox and Star Wolf teams. If the player plays as Fox, Falco, or Wolf, and press the taunt buttons in rapid succession, there becomes a Communications Channel conversation between the members of the teams, much like in Super Smash Bros. Melee. He appears depending on which character does this and where the stage flies through next. Here are a few taunts that involve Panther:

  • Star Fox encounters Star Wolf, the latter of whom claims they shall not let Star Fox leave alive, and that Wolf should take care of Fox. Panther's line: "Do you see my red rose? It marks your imminent death" which is a pun on his first line spoken in the series.
  • Star Fox and Star Wolf confront each other with Panther introducing himself and saluting his enemies.
  • Panther and Krystal are traveling in deep space and flirts with her, which she acknowledges. Falco then asks where he gets this stuff and to stop.
  • The battle ship hits an asteroid field and Krystal is a bit worried. Panther then once again gets flirty, telling her he would protect her, to which she merely replied, in a rather sarcastic tone, "Oh, I feel SO much better hearing that. You're such a gentleman, Panther". Falco claims he would sleep better if Panther got creamed by an asteroid, and Panther orders the "parrot" to "cease his jabbering" in response. This makes Falco angry, and references Star Fox: Assault.
  • Panther and Leon chase Falco after angering them. Falco tells Slippy to back off, and that he can take care of it.
  • Panther and Leon enter a skirmish, and Leon is impressed by Wolf's battling and takes his loyalty a bit too extreme and loses it. Regardless, he tells Panther he's fine and laughs maniacally. Panther then asks him who he's really envious of: the shred-DER or shred-DEE.

Super Smash Bros Brawl logo

Trophy description

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
Panther Caroso Random
Panther Caroso - Brawl Trophy
The newest member of the Star Wolf team, rivals of Team Star Fox. A show-off who often embarrasses his teammates, he considers himself quite the ladies' cat and can hardly contain himself from making passes at attractive females, including Krystal, who he's clearly smitten with. All things said, he's still a highly skilled pilot.

  • Star Fox Assault (GCN)
  • Star Fox Command


Name Game Effect Characters Sticker
Panther Star Fox Command Attack +9 Any
Brawl Sticker Panther (Star Fox Command)
Panther Star Fox: Assault Attack +18 Fox Falco Wolf
Brawl Sticker Panther (Star Fox Assault)

Logo EN - Super Smash Bros. Wii U 3DS

Panther appears in the fourth Super Smash Bros. title as a trophy. It looks almost unchanged from the previous instalment. The info relates to his personalty and asks if his feelings for Krystal will ever go anywhere, which may allude to Krystal's role in Command's default ending where she rejoined Star Fox after temporally flying with Star Wolf much to Panther's hidden heartbreak.

Trophy descriptions

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
Panther Caroso Series related

Panther's trophy.

This Star Wolf pilot's flying skills are as stunning as you'd expect, but the cheesy lines are what you'll really remember. He's constantly flirting with women, and the rose he holds adds an extra touch of swagger. His feelings for Krystal seem genuine, but who knows where that will lead.
NA release
This Star Wolf pilot's flying skills are as stunning as you'd expect, but the cheesy lines he sprouts are what will really leave you reeling. He's constantly flirting with women, and the rose he holds adds an extra touch of self-important swagger. His feelings for Krystal do seem genuine, but who knows if it'll ever amount to anything?
PAL release


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