Come in, Arwings!! Fox, where are you?!! We need you to protect Corneria!!
—General Pepper trying to contact Fox

Out of This Dimension is a strange location found outside of the known space of the Lylat system, or existence as we know it. Escape from the surreal level is impossible, and it is seen as the alternate ending for the game.

Other apperances

  • Out of This Dimension is slightly elaborated upon in Flight Recorder 3 of the Star Fox Mission File Printout. Going along with the previous fact, there has been only one other person to enter Out of this Dimension, and Pepper responded the same way as he did with Fox for the most part.
  • Out of This Dimension never appears in any other Star Fox game, though the Warp Zones in Star Fox 64 fill the similar role, while the Cornerian Federation's scientists have perfected the use of warp gates as of Star Fox: Assault.


  • The background music used in this level resembles "Voices of Spring waltz" (Johann Strauss II symphony), "Yuki" (Japanese folk song), "When the Saints Go Marching In" (American folk song), "Hänschen Klein" (German folk song) and the "Star Fox Credits Theme".
  • Out of this Dimension could be considered the only minigame in the original Star Fox because the words "THE END." can be messed around with.
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