Ore is a type of rock that contains sufficient minerals with important elements including metals that can be economically extracted from the rock. The ores are extracted through mining; these are then refined (often via smelting) to extract the valuable element(s). In Star Fox 64 and the 3DS release, Ore was carried and utilised by The Forever Train on its way to delivering them to the weapons labs on Macbeth during the Lylat Wars.


Ore rocks are dangerous hazards on Macbeth, but they are worth Hit Points if shot before they collide with the Landmaster. If a tight cluster of rocks are shot with charged laser bolts, a chain reaction taking out close boulders will rack up more points.

Rock or get rocked

Crank up the hits on the heavy ore cars carrying the large boulders as soon as you begin the mission. you'll add seven points to your score each time you destroy a loaded ore car, and you won't have to worry about obstacles in your path. The trick is to remain on the left side of the screen, close to the train, and concentrate all your firepower on one target at a time. Ignore most of the other targets shooting at you. Fire as fast as possible or the car will dump the boulders in your path and you'll have to redirect your fire at the obstacles or take heavy damage.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 79

Dodge the rolling rocks

If you can't take out all the ore cars, the train will slow down and the ore cars will roll boulders into the path of your Landmaster. After being dumped, these rocks will spin and start rolling straight toward you. Lock on the boulder with your main cannon and blast wary. Steer between the gaps in the rocks and resume chasing the train.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 79

Cannon Car Carnage

The train rises on an elevated track, giving the Cannon Car an unobstructed view of everything around your Landmaster. Since it's easy for you to dodge the cannonballs with a barrel roll, the Cannon Car will shoot the boulders above the canon wall, causing them to rain down on you. Don't waste your time trading shots with the Cannon Car; instead, increase your score by blasting the rocks in the canyon. You'll get even later in the stage.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 79


During the Lylat Wars, the supply train that the Star Fox team followed carried Cars that contained Ore. The engineer attempted slow down the Landmaster with dropping his cargo of Ore onto the road towards the supply depot. In the canyon, some Cannon Cars used their bomb launchers to blast the nearby walls to shower a rain of rocks down on Fox McCloud to no avail. Because the Ore rocks were destroyed and were unable to be used in the Venomian weapons labs, their destructions were added to the Star Fox team's service invoice, as the minerals could not be used against Corneria.



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