The Orbital Gate, or Beltino Orbital Gate's in-game appearances.

Star Fox Assault
800px-Beltino Orbital Gate Assault HD

The Beltino Orbital Gate above the shattered Corneria.

Mission 8. Orbital Gate; Incoming

Vehicle: Arwing

Type: All-Range Mode

Medal requirements Bronze Silver Gold
Mission 8. Orbital Gate 400 1200 2100


  • Aparoid Flyer
  • Aparoid Spinner
  • Aparoid Beetle
  • Mothlike Aparoid
  • Aparoid Gigantic Missile
  • Aparoid Megamissile

Mission 8: Protect the Gate

In orbit above Corneria is an orbital gate. At the present time, federation scientists are rushing to finish a weapon that will tilt the scales of the war in their favor, an anti-aparoid program bomb. Do whatever it takes to protect the gate from the aparoid invasion until the weapon developement is finished.
—Mission objective

A vast Aparoid fleet meets the Star Fox team and Cornerian Army around the Orbital Gate while the self-destruct program is under manufacture. Fox is first required to take down Aparoids around the gate and save Slippy and Krystal from chasing targets until the missiles arrive.

SOS:  Slippy will be tailed by enemies quickly into the mission starting point.

SOS: Krystal will be tailed by enemies soon after Slippy's SOS.

After a while, the first missiles arrive to target the gate, but as more keep coming, Falco and later Star Wolf eventually assist in destroying missiles, but then they begin to use larger, rapid firing missiles.

When the missiles are destroyed, the Aparoids launch an enormous rocket to obliterate the Orbital Gate and maybe more. Fortunately, the last missile is very large and slow flying it is easy for Fox to target, but only certain ares like the purple core can be damaged, and as it takes more damage, it loosens it's parts and accelerates faster.

Official Site info

  • On the official site, it is instead called the "Beltano Orbital Gate." The data crystal also is shown to be damaged, and thus does not count among the data crystals needed to unlock the Security Data Core.

Location data

Covert military operation.

Battle condition

We do not have clearance to access Beltano files. Long range radar reads multiple warp signatures in its sector. Possible Aparoid assault underway.

Tactical data

Status: Data crystal damaged.

Star Fox Command

It (or a similar space station) later makes a reappearance during the Anglar Blitz, where they upgrade the Star Fox Team's ships and give new information about the Anglars. It is called the Asteroid Station by Slippy.

Super Smash Bros 4 merged logo, no subtitle

The Orbital Gate and the events involving its setting from Star Fox: Assault appears in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as a new stage and a trophy. Hidden Smash Taunts are also possible to activate for purely aesthetic purposes.

Logo EN - Super Smash Bros. Wii U 3DS

As a moving stage, it chronicles what happened during the Aparoids' attempt to halt the development of the bomb that would eliminate them altogether. The smash taunts reveal that the orbital gate has shields strong enough to temporarily prevent the missile warheads from burrowing into the station and detonating, but only for a brief period. While the stage scenario does takes place during the Aparoid invasion, there are obvious differences in character design and voices, and absences of Krystal, Star Wolf, Beltino and any Dog Soldiers.


The Orbital Gate also appears as a stage trophy in the game. The trophy is a detailed view of the station as seen from above the orbit of Corneria. A blue planet which is most likely Fichina can be seen in the distance.

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription Trophy Box
Orbital Gate AssaultStage
The site of a battle in Star Fox: Assault. After locating the enemy homeworld, the Star Fox team was standing by at the Orbital Gate to begin the final attack, but the Aparoids suddenly mounted an offensive of their own! In the Smash Bros. stage, you fight atop the Arwings and enemy missiles as they battle it out.
NA release
The site of a battle in Star Fox: Assault. After locating the enemy homeworld, the Star Fox team were standing by at the Orbital Gate to begin the final offensive, but the Aparoids suddenly mounted an offensive on the gate itself. In the Smash Bros. stage, you fight atop the Arwings and enemy missiles as the battle rages on.
PAL release
  • GameCube: Star Fox: Assault (02/2005)
36. Star Fox: Assault


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