In orbit above Corneria is an orbital gate. At the present time, federation scientists are rushing to finish a weapon that will tilt the scales of the war in their favor, an anti-aparoid program bomb. Do whatever it takes to protect the gate from the aparoid invasion until the weapon developement is finished.
—Mission objective

The Orbital Gate, also known as the Beltino Orbital Gate is a large satellite over Corneria. During the Aparoid Invasion it was the site of a large battle between Aparoids and the Cornerian Defense Force. After the war, it became the center of government for Corneria while the planet was being rebuilt from the invasion.


The gate serves as the main transport hub for the entire Lylat System, transporting ships of all sizes across vast distances throughout the galaxy, by turning entering ship into energy, which is then transmitted to its destination to be converted back into matter. In addition, it also serves as a large scientific research station.


Aparoid Invasion

The orbital gate's warp generator.

Following the near destruction of Corneria City, survivors of the Cornerian Federation and military flocked to the gate to recover and regroup while Beltino Toad revealed the discovered the location of the Aparoid homeworld thanks to the analysed Core Memory, and also learned that Aparoids carry genes that make them vulnerable to Apoptosis; coming up with an idea that the creation of an anti-Aparoid program bomb would destroy the whole species if fired into the Aparoid Queen. Until the program was completed, the Aparoids responded with a full-scale assault on the gate. After a successful retaliation by the Star Fox team and Cornerian Air Force, the Aparoids send a barrage of missiles at the gate, which were destroyed by the combined efforts of Star Fox and Star Wolf teams. During the outside skirmish, Beltino and federation scientists successfully created the Self-Destruct program for the use of destroying the Aparoid race. The Orbital Gate later generated a warp portal large enough for the Cornerian Fleet led by the Great Fox towards the homeworld. The Star Wolf Team were not seen joining the fleet but seemingly used the gate to follow Star Fox into the Aparoid homeworld's tunnels.

Damage reports revealed that after the Aparoids had annihilated Corneria City, a provisional government was established under military supervision that will last until the destruction of the Aparoids has been confirmed, in which case, they will relinquish sovereignty as soon as possible. The destruction level of the orbital gate was at a C, and the Aparoids were expunged.

Anglar Blitz

It (or a similar space station) later makes a reappearance during the Anglar Blitz, where they upgrade the Star Fox Team's ships and give new information about the Anglars. It is called the Asteroid Station by Slippy.


  • The instruction booklet for Star Fox 64 depicts General Pepper having learned from Corneria's observation station about bio-weaponry active coming from Venom; said station could likely have been the Orbital Gate, but it is purely speculative.
  • In Star Fox: Assault, the level is very similar to the skirmish in Sector Z from Star Fox 64, in that the orbital gate and Great Fox were bombarded by missiles and were both All-Range Mode based.
  • On the official site, it is instead called the "Beltano Orbital Gate." The data crystal also is shown to be damaged, and thus does not count among the data crystals needed to unlock the Security Data Core.


  • According to a Miiverse post by Sakurai, the Orbital Gate stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U took a year to develop.