In orbit around the planet Fortuna, the Cornerian fleet battles Oikonny and the remnants of Andross's army. Search out and destroy Oikonny's flagship by using an Arwing to navigate the battlefield. If Oikonny flees, follow him or shoot him down.
—Mission Objective

Oikonny's flagship is the leading starship used by Andrew Oikonny when he made himself commander of Andross's remaining fleet during their rebellion against the Cornerian federation.


All Ships! Avoid the armada's fire! Aim for Oikonny's flagship!

Oikonny led the massive army made up from common criminals remaining from Andross's troops, with his flagship acting as the force commander. After the Star Fox team managed to destroy the Stealth Bomber Squadrons that acted as their last line of defense, Oikonny ordered the ship to turn around and go to the surface of Fortuna (presumably to lure the Star Fox team into a trap, based on his final words before fleeing). The Star Fox team pursued him to the Fortuna base. Backed into a corner, Oikonny decided to unveil his ship's true power by transforming it into a combat-ready mecha (dubbed the "Andross wanna-be" by Falco Lombardi). Fox McCloud and the rest of Star Fox do not take this surprising retalliation as a serious threat and proceed to attack normally. The flagship was caught by surprise by an ambush attack from a bizarre winged alien and fell. Oikonny's fate is not revealed until the uprising of the Anglar Empire.


Except for the reddish paint, the flagship shared common characteristics with Venomian Battlecruisers. One of these is the similarly shaped front. However, it apparently lacks weapons and it can easily outrun the Arwing. It possesses the capability to transform itself to a mecha resembling Oikonny himself, with yellow eyes and metallic gray hands. The weak spots are on the palms of the hands. Attacks include: a swiping move, a crushing move, a punch, or a lunge attack. If one of the hands is damaged, it will use either a haymaker punch or a clawing attack with the remaining hand. However, it is unable to replicate Andross's signature telekinetic inhale/exhale attacks. Although its weak points were his palms, the cutscene immediately following the battle implied that it only did cosmetic damage to the hands, as he was seen using them as if they weren't damaged. When its pilot (Oikonny) speaks in cutscenes, the flagship's mouth moves as Oikonny speaks (exempting when Oikonny whines for his uncle after the mech is shot in the head). This may suggest that he uses brainwaves to control his weapon.

Transformation method

Its alternate form is activated as a last resort. The transformation process has the flagship's engines moving back, transforming its hands, and then the back of the vessel moves upward to construct a face in Oikonny's likeness. Finally, what remains of the vessel's original form breaks off and plummets to the ground.



  • A possible reason the aparoid boss destroyed Oikonny's flagship was that another Aparoid (or however unlikely, the same one) had encountered a high-ranking Venomian official who knew Andross and how powerful he was. So it mistook Oikonny's ship for Andross's and a threat, which he was neither.
  • Depending on how much damage the player takes (or doesn't take), the team's response to Fox taking out one of the hands (as well as which team member responds) will be different. If the player doesn't take damage, Krystal will say "Fantastic!" to Fox. If the player does take damage, Slippy will shout "Take that!" to Oikonny.