All ships! Avoid the armada's fire! Aim for Oikonny's flagship!
—Fox McCloud

Oikonny's army, also known as Andross's Armada[1] was a reformation of veterans in Andross's army after the end of the Lylat Wars. It came under the leadership of the would-be emperor's nephew and successor Andrew Oikonny, who went by his last name during this time. Fortuna served as their main source of weapons manufacturing, as Venom was regularly monitored by the Cornerian Army. Oikonny rebels were defeated sometime before the events of the Aparoid Invasion, when Oikonny himself was seemingly killed by a single aparoid.


Battle of Fortuna

Oikonny's fleet and the Cornerian Army exchange laser fire above the orbit of Fortuna.

Following his departure from the Star Wolf, Oikonny retreated to Venom and began to reorganize what was once the most powerful army in the Lylat system. Under his direct leadership, former soldiers of Andross's army who stayed loyal to Andross rebuilt their forces on Fortuna, as Venom had been regularly monitored for activity by the Cornerian Army. Over the course of approximately nine years, from the combination of former Andross followers and various mercenaries, a new army was created and unleashed onto the galaxy.

Battle of Fortuna

After a year of conflict against Oikonny, his main base was revealed on Fortuna. In a final ditch effort to end the rebellion, the Cornerian Army planned to invade Fortuna by means of an orbital gate and to apprehend Oikonny, but were met face-to-face with his army upon their arrival. The enemy's stealth squadron quickly pressed through the Cornerian forces, causing heavy damage to their fleet. The timely arrival of the Star Fox team prevented further advancement and pushed the rebels back into Fortuna, where they fought and defeated Oikonny in his flagship.


Team Star Fox arrive to assist the Cornerian Army in ending the Oikonny rebellion.

Assisted unintentionally by a creature called an Aparoid, the Star Fox team faced a newfound threat when it seemingly killed Oikonny and turned against them. Following its defeat, they retrieved a device from its remains dubbed “Core Memory” and learned of an invasion attack on the Lylat system. General Pepper contacted them immediately to inform them of a situation on Katina, and they soon departed from Fortuna.


The Cornerian Army defeated the last of the rebels, either destroying them or forcing them to retreat into Fortuna. With the Aparoid Invasion at hand, their goals shifted from capturing Oikonny to protecting the Lylat System from this newfound threat. Remnants of the rebel army's ground forces were wiped out by the aparoids, while the space forces were forced into retreating by the new threat,[1] and Oikonny escaped to Venom seeking refuge with the Anglar army.

Technology and Equipment

Following the same tactics as Andross's army, Oikonny's armada resorted to using overwhelming numbers and surprising attacks.


Notes and references

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