The Octopod is used by Octoman when the Star Fox team encounters him and a brainwashed Slippy Toad on Aquas.

In battle

The Octopod is hidden in one of seven jars spread around the map, and Slippy patrols the map and attacks Star Fox due to his brainwashing. Slippy's Bullfrog in this boss fight is identical to other starfighters fought as bosses; he attacks using a single laser and mines, and is capable of performing loops. When Slippy is at low health, he will regain control of himself and patrol the map without attacking, allowing the player to focus on Octoman himself. The jars spread across the map can be shot to force the Octopod out of hiding, but if the Octopod is not in a jar when it is shot, an orb will pop out of the jar and shoot at the player. If the Octopod is in a jar, the jar will be destroyed and the Octopod will appear, along with two curved metal plates that spin around the Octopod. If the Octopod is shot at while the plates are spinning around the Octopod, the plates will reflect the player's fire, and the Octopod will shoot at the player. After a few seconds, the plates will stop spinning and move to the sides of the Octopod. While the plates are out of position, the player can shoot the Octopod and damage it. Once the Octopod takes enough damage, it will hide in another jar. Repeat this process until the Octopod is destroyed. Octoman does not use the Octopod when he appears on Venom, instead choosing to use a starfighter of his own design.

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