Octoman is an octopus-like bounty hunter that aided the Anglar Emperor. He pilots a standard fighter ship capable of resisting planet Venom's acidic sea. He acts as one of the base bosses on the final mission on Venom. He taunts his foe for being absolutely crazy to think that they can defeat the Empire. He's also quite the hothead and known to make stupid threats, often swearing by his "eight tentacles" despite not actually having that many.


During the Ending 1 or 4 paths, Octoman defeated Slippy Toad on Aquas. He then was somehow able to brainwash Slippy, forcing the toad to battle against his allies. During the battle he piloted his Octopod ship and hid in various pods throughout the battlefield. Once he was defeated, Slippy returned to normal. In the Ending 7 battle, it turns out he is Zako's superior and, although not present for the battle, taunts Slippy and Amanda regardless.

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After Aquas, he attempts to defend Venom against Star Fox flying his personal starfighter, rather than the Octopod. He was shot down; however, as a well-known F-Zero racer, he may have survived and returned to his own people.


  • In the F-Zero franchise, there is a similar character with the same name. The racer's machine is the Deep Claw, and he drives for his planet Takora, which doesn't have much funding for the future. He may be the same one though.
  • His appearance in Star Fox is based on his GP Legend outfit, from the game and TV series. [1][2][3]
  • The armor that Octoman wears bears some resemblance to the Saiyan Armor in Dragon Ball Z.
  • Interestingly, Octoman's appearance greatly resembles that of an Octorok from the Legend of Zelda franchise.
  • When he and Zako are battling Slippy and Amanda on Aquas, he says,"Zako, destroy the puny humans!", even though Slippy and Amanda are not humans.
  • His catchphrase is "By my eight arms!", yet as noted by Amanda, he does not have eight arms (at least in the Star Fox series, for he most certainly does in the F-Zero series).