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Mothlike Aparoids are Air Force Aparoids that appear in various Missions in "Assault".


Mothlike Aparoids are winged enemies that appear in the skies of the area, hovering near the vehicle the are pursuing and begin charging their energy blasts on sight, and emitting strong ring pulses. Using the moment of their weapon start up is a good chance to eliminate them before they can land a hit on the vehicle. During the Wing riding sections, they appear towards the vehicle that Fox is Wing riding from all sides, and they can appear in the midst of any lethal Aparoid Targeting Lasers, therefore the Mothlike Aparoids are also stalling time while the Targeting Lasers prepare their own devastating attacks, requiring quick moving and rapid firepower to take them out.

In the game

Mission 4: Fichina

During the Wing riding section around the Climate control center, Aparoid Air Forces, including Mothlike Aparoids appear periodically towards Falco Lombardi's Arwing. Gunning them down with rapid firepower from the Plasma Cannon while they charge their attack will prevent them from landing any damage on Falco's Arwing.

Mission 7: Corneria

During the Wolfen run section around Corneria City, Mothlike Aparoids will home in on all sides, around Wolf O'Donnell's Wolfen.

Mission 8: Orbital Gate

Mothlike Aparoids are stationed around certain positions around the All-Range Mode of the Orbital Gate, some guarding the narrow corridor runways which hide valuable power-ups. Taking them out with a charged, homing laser bolt and quick shots will dispose of them.

One Mothlike Aparoid stationed at the lowest tip of the space station hides the second Special Flag. Destroying the alien with a locked on shot and quick successful shot will expose the hidden spot where the flag spawns.


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