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The Mothership is a base of operations for the Star Fox team, only appearing in "Star Fox 2". It is essentially the predecessor equivalent of the more familiar Great Fox mothership, even referred to as such in the SNES Classic Guide book.


The Mothership is a carrier with twin launching bays and a centre "neck" bridge. It has the Star Fox team's name on the sides and a Cornerian coat of arms on the front left hatch.

Role in the game

In "Star Fox 2", Arwings are launched from a large spacecraft carrier known only as the Mothership. It does not have any installed weapon systems, so it cannot enter battle. However, it could hold and repair the team's fighters. The Mothership can also warp to planets that the team had liberated from the control of Andross, stationed in orbit around the planet.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (マザーシップ Mothership)


  1. "All-Range Mode is just one of several substantial departures from the first Star Fox. To accompany the open-ended combat, the linear “levels” were replaced with a single map of the Lylat System. In the bottom left-hand corner is Corneria, with the Great Fox battleship from which the Star Fox team is deployed hovering in its orbit. This marked the Great Fox’s first appearance, though it appears again in Star Fox 64 and throughout the series as the mobile headquarters of the Star Fox squadron." - Playing With Super Power: Nintendo Super NES Classics eGuide, Star Fox 2 Teaching a Young Fox New Tricks Tab.
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