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Mother Strider is a walking saucer-like construct that appears in Star Fox Zero. Her Boss Caption reads Mega Drone, and she appears as the boss of the stage Frostbitten Fray, which takes place on Fichina.

In the game

After several Striders are destroyed in the Fichina mission, a large version appears walking over some mountains. It has the ability to periodically produce an electric shield to protect itself, although this shield dissipates when the boss collapses. When three leg joints are damaged on one side, it will topple over, leaving its eight spikes vulnerable (The spikes change their colour to red to indicate this.). However, the legs will regenerate shortly, and it will try to stomp on the Landmaster in retaliation. After the eight weak points are completely destroyed, the boss's circular core will be exposed, and it will cover it up in about 5 seconds as the joints recover. Destroying the core causes the mechanism to explode. Once killed, the Mother Strider awards 10 hit points.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (マザーストライダー Mother Strider)
(超巨大無人兵器 Supergiant Unmanned Weapon)


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