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Morphing Ship Aparoids are Air Force Aparoids that appear in various Missions in "Assault".


Morphing Ship Aparoids are huge winged ships that alter their shape halfway through their attack (hence the name), launching homing green missiles. Rolling to deflect their attacks, launching charged homing lasers and quick shots as the Aparoid comes into view will rapidly reduce its screen time. Depending on how quickly the Morphing Ship is taken out, clusters of Crystalline Aparoids will subsequently spawn in the Ship's place, for a chance to take out whole groups in one shot for Hit Point bonuses.

In the game

Mission 5: Asteroid Belt

After Falco's S.O.S point and three tight formations of Aparoid Fliers, the Morphing Ship will come into view, where Falco will also fly by and drop a Smart Bomb if he was rescued. Blasting the high ship as it flies by is a good way to help whittle down its shields.

Mission 10: Aparoid Tunnels

Once again, after Falco's S.O.S point, another Morphing Aparoid will come into view and launch homing attacks as it changes it's dimensions. This time, the Morphing Ship is accompanied by supporting Aparoid Turrets that will likely catch Fox's Arwing in the crossfire. Taking out the Morphing Ship before the next Force Field will trigger appearances from Crystalline Aparoids, for chances of extra bonuses.


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