Moras are enemies that appear in the Meteo Asteroid Field, presumably manufactured in Macbeth's weapons labs and utilised by the Venom Army during the Lylat Wars.


Moras are serpentine creatures capable of surviving in the vacuum of space that dwell in the Meteo Asteroid field. They undulate through space like eels in the ocean, are known to ram into various ships, and are also capable of firing plasma shots at other ships. Moras were programmed to destroy or be destroyed, and conditioned to destroy the Star Fox team.

Enemy Recon

These enemies undulate through space like eels in the ocean. They fire shots at you and can hit you with their bodies. Your best strategy is to get a laser lock on their heads while dodging their shots. Persistence pays off.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 35

In the games

Star Fox 64/3D

The Star Fox Team, during the Lylat Wars encountered just two Moras while travelling through Meteo, near the large asteroid with a hole bored through the middle and the Hop Bot.

Star Fox Zero

Morris reappear in Star Fox Zero under the name: Salamander.