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Moon Mountain Pass is a location on Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. It is accessible through ThornTail Hollow. Fox McCloud learns the Ground Quake Staff Upgrade here. Moon Mountain Pass was created when the second moon of Sauria crashed into the planet.


Peppy's report of this area indicated that Sauria's second moon crashed into the planets surface, leading to the condition of the landmass and apparently created many mutant races, including the SharpClaw tribe. Therefore, this was their natural kingdom before they sought to control the planet. The dreary, spooky aesthetics of the Pass are blanketed under constant night and meager moonshine. A thick cover of clouds and smog choke out any light besides that of the strange, glowing pink flora and the Staff Gems dotting the pale, dead landscape. Meteors commonly fall in Moon Mountain Pass; Fox McCloud encounters a massive one himself on his way to the Krazoa Shrine. Moon Seeds are also native to the Pass, having the ability to grow through cracks and shoot into living ladders for Fox to climb onto higher switchbacks above. Defeating the local monsters, Kalda Chom, will reward Fox with a single MoonSeed that Tricky can light afire in the soil. Traversing through the otherworldly Moon Mountain Pass is required twice of Fox, in order to gain access to the Volcano Force Point Temple.


Plight of Sauria

When Fox first arrived at the area, the SharpClaw Guards were scouting for intruders, although one of them fell asleep on the job. When one of them saw Fox approaching, he woke up the sleeping guard by whacking him with his club and telling him that Fox was coming, to which they later threw several barrels at Fox, although Fox managed to dodge them and arrived at the Volcano Force Point Temple.

Later, upon exiting, he learned from a Krazoa Spirit that a woman named Krystal was slowly being killed by an unknown enemy, and telling him that his only chance of saving her was to bring the Krazoa back to Krazoa palace. After recovering the Krazoa Spirit in the Test of Combat, he departed for ThornTail Hollow, returning to Moon Mountain Pass to completely seal off the Volcano Force Point Temple with the Walled City SpellStone.



  • In the optional scene where Fox wakes a sleeping SharpClaw and summons the other guards manning the fort, the Dino subtitles for the snoring guard is different. Rather than the equivalent word for "snoring" ("Jdehadw"), the subtitles instead translate it as "dead," ominously echoing the doomed encounter.
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