MoonSeeds are a type of Main Collectible available in "Star Fox Adventures".



Fox collects a MoonSeed

Hence the name, they are dark purple, crescent moon-shaped seeds that need extreme heat in order to grow their inner vines. They are planted in patches of soil next to walls, which after heating them with Tricky's Flame Command, grow climbable vines along the wall, making paths to previously unreachable places and ledges for Fox McCloud


They can only be collected from Kalda Choms, which only appear in the craters of the Moon Mountain Pass. They can be defeated with the Ground Quake Staff Upgrade and a few hits to their back. Fox can carry a maximum of seven MoonSeeds at a time.

Fox later found a MoonSeed, which represented Moon Mountain Pass during the Test of Knowledge. Incidentally, a Kalda Chom crater is in the window.



  • MoonSeeds are the only Main Collectible not available in ThornTail Store.
  • Fox can collect up to seven MoonSeeds from 13 Kalda Chom craters.
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